Ek Taraf Hai Gharwali Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Gharwali Baharwali movie

Ek Taraf Hai Gharwali Lyrical Video | Gharwali Baharwali | Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Rambha

Ek Taraf Hai Gharwali Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Gharwali Baharwali

ik taraf hai gharwali , ik taraf baharwali

on one side is the wife , on the other the mistress

ye bole wo alla , wo bole mi alli

she says I am in love with you , the other one says its me

ayeeaa bolo kya krun ? dono se main daroon

tell me what can I do ? I am afraid of both

sweet sweet gharwali , hot hot baharwali

the wife is sweet sweet , the mistress is hot hot

ye bajaye siti , wo bajaye tali

this one whistles (for me) , she claps

wo muke dekhe , main usko dekhun

she looks at me , I watch her

wo mera soche , main usko sochun

she thinks of me , I think of the other one

isko galit say chumoon , to deti hai wo galee

if i kiss this one accidently , the other one swears at me

ye hai shehar ki goree , wo hain gaon ki choree

this one is a girl about town , the other one is a village belle

dono ke hathon me , meri patang ki doree

in the hands of both , is the string of my kite (life)

yeh dono asli , yeh dono nakli

they are both real , they are both fake

wo hai Nepali bulbul , ye Mumbai mirchiwali

that one is a nightingale from Nepal , this one is spicy chilli from Mumbai 109.30

Gharwali gharwali hai , tu to baharwali hai

the wife is a wife , you are an outsider

Aiee tu mahal me kese ? , tu to janewali hai

how did you come into this palace , you are about to go

Tera gharwala kyun mere peeche ata jata hai

why does your husband come after me

Aate jate kyun mujse wo ankh ladata hai ?

and coming and going why does he tangle glances ?

Wo mere hai , mera

He is mine , mine

Wo kal tha tera , diwani main uski , deewana wo mera

He was yours yesterday , I am mad for him , he is mad for me

dono khatre ki ganti kyun maine gale me dali ?

why have I put these two danger bells in my neck ? .

About the movie – Gharwali Baharwali

On discovery of his spouse’s infertility, a man starts a search for a new wife.