Ghoonghat Mein Chehra Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Gharwali Baharwali movie

Ghoonghat Mein Chehra Lyrical Video | Gharwali Baharwali | Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Rambha

Ghoonghat Mein Chehra Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Gharwali Baharwali

Ghoonghat may chhehra chhupathi bi hai , goonghat say chehra dikhati bi hai

With the veil this girl (women) hide their face , from the veil they try to show you the face

Ye nachti hai , nachati bi hai , yeh bagti hi , bagati bi hai

This one dances , makes you dance (to her tune) , this one runs , makes you run

Ye plus bi hai , ye minus bi hai , ye plus bi hai , ye minus bi hai

This one is a plus , this one is a minus(girl gets angry when he says this)

hai hai bhav khati bi hai

oh god she shows a temper too !

are bapu tumko hai pote ki padi , hai samne mere mushkil badi

Father you are determined to have a grandson , but there are great difficulties in front of me

Meri na shadi dubara karo , yun na meri barbadi karo

dont get me married again , dont destroy me like this

Rotee bi hai aur rulati bi hai , aurat musibat ko lati bi hai

She (woman) cries and makes the man cry , woman do bring a lot of trouble

bacho say ghar ko sajati bi hai , ga ga ke loree sulati bi hai

she decorates the house with children too , makes them go to sleep with lullabies

ye plus bi hai , ye (pointing to another one) minus bi hai

Thats a plus point true , but here is a minus one

hai bhav khati bi hai

God , she gets angry too

pota nahin hota mai kya karun , shadhi say accha mai ja marun

grandson cant give you , what can I do ? rather than marry (second time ), better I kill myself

pehli gharwali nay pagal kiya , doosri kay aane say mai ja daroo

the first woman of the house has made me mad , the prospect of a second one makes me terror stuck

Murga banake khilati bi hai , mardo ko murga banati bi hai

Chicken she cooks for you to eat , chicken they make out of men

sapno ko sach kar dikhati bi hai , peedee ko aage badati bi hai

dreams she turns into reality and shows them to you , the family she carries forward

About the movie – Gharwali Baharwali

On discovery of his spouse’s infertility, a man starts a search for a new wife.