Dil Mein Chhupa Ke Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Aan (1952) movie


Dil Mein Chhupa Ke Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Aan (1952)

Dil Mein Chupake Pyar ka Toofan le Chale

Keeping it secret in my heart, I am carrying the storms of my love

Hum aaj appni mauth ka samaan le chale

today I am carrying the ingredients/power of my death

Mauth ka samaan le chale

Carrying the tools/ingredients of my death

Dil mein Chupake Pyar ka Toofan Le Chale

Hidden in my heart, I am carrying the storms of love

Ha Ha Ha AAA

Mit ta hein kaun dekhiye ulfat ki raah mein

Let’s see who gets destroyed in the pathways to love/friendship

Ulfat ki raah mein

in the pathways of love

Mit ta hei kaun dekhiye ulfat ki raah mein

Woh le Chale hein aan to ham jaan le chale

he is taking the oath so I am taking the life/soul

Maut ka Saman le chale

carring the power of death

Dil Mein…..

in my heart

Ha Ha Ha AAA

Manzil pe hoga Fasla Kismat ke Khel ka

At the destination there may be distances for the games of destiny

Kismat ke Khel ka

for the games played by destiny

Manzil pe hoga Fasla kismat ke khel ka

Kare jo dil ka khoon wo

He who kills the heart

Meheman le Chale

am Taking that visitor along

Maut ka saman le chale

carrying the tool of my death

Dil Mein…..

in my heart

About the movie – Aan (1952)

After ascending to the throne, King Shamsher Singh begins a reign of terror and oppression. A young commoner named Jai then decides to challenge the king and kidnaps the king’s sister.