Chori Se Chhup Chhupa Ke Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Akayla (1991) movie


Chori Se Chhup Chhupa Ke Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Akayla (1991)

chori se chhup chhupa ke aya tha mai laga ke

Secretly, stealthily I came

phir pan bhi chabaya phir itar bhi lagaya

Then I ate the beetel/paan leaf, and applied scent/perfume

thoda sambhal sambhal ke aya mai sidha chal ke

I cotrolled myself a little and walked straight

par ladakhada gaya mai

But I staggered

meri chori pakadi gayi naa

I have been found out

mujhe aaj kuchh naa kehna mera dil thikane hai naa

I am not saying anything today, my heart is not in control

murge se boli murgi, tote se boli maina

The hen said to the rooster, Maynaa bird said it to the parrot

unaka majak thahara meri jan gayina

They became a joke, my soul didnt depart ???

mujhe aaj kuchh naa kehna mera dil thikane hai na

Do not say anything to me today, my heart is not in control

mastiya aur badhe aur nasha chhaye

The fun increases, I get even more drunk

jhum uthe mera dil pas jo too aaye

My heart dances away when you come close to me

abb tujhko dekhata hu mai dil me sochata hu

Now that I look at you, I think

kitni hasin hai too ladki hai ya hai jadu

You are so beautiful, are you a girl/woman or magic

hai gora gora mukhda yeh kale kale naina

The face is fair and eyes are dark/black

mujhe aaj kuchh naa kehna

Don’t say anything to me

abb tak hu mai kunwara mushkil hai abb gujara

I am still a bachelor, it is difficult to survive

mandap saja huwa hai, baja bhi baj raha hai

The mandap is decorated, the pipes are being played

chahe toh sath mere le le too sat phere

If you want then get married to me

naa naa achchha hu mai akela shadi toh hai jhamela

No! No! I am fine single, mariage is a netted situation

din rat kee salami biwi kee hai gulami

The salutation of day and night is to be a servant to the wife

rote achchhe achchhe

The good ones cry too,

mujhko toh tota banke pinjare me nayyo rehna,

Like a parrot I don’t want to stay in a cage

mujhe aaj kuchh naa kehna

Do not say anything to me today

pyar par kaid hai naa dil pe koyi pahare

Love can not be conquered, nor can the heart be guarded

dulha dulhan ke hain phulo kee tarah chehare

The face of the bride and the groom is like flowers

yeh rani aur woh raja gunja khushi kaa baja

This is the Queen, he is the King, the tune of happiness is being played

jari hai jashne shadi bakee hai rat adhi

The weding celebration is on, half the night is still there

nachunga gayunga re mai aaj sari raina

I will dance and sing the whole night

mujhe aaj kuchh naa kehna

Don’t say anything to me

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