Guzara English Lyrics Translation and Meaning – Anuv Jain

Produced by Anuv Jain

[Verse 1]

Ni aaj tenu, pehli wari aaj
pehli dafa main
vekheya yahan

For once,
For the first time,
I saw you here.)

Teri galan
Oye raataan, dina yeh chaliya.

(It was your talk
that went on day & night.)

Na bhuleya ki –
Tenu hi aaj main
pehli vari keha si,
“Jo hovay teri rehmat,
teri bahaan di chavaan vich aaj
aaj sukoon hai mera”

(I will never forget that-
It was today when
For the first time, I told you
“If you give me your divine blessings,
It will be the silhouette/protection of your arms today
where my peace will lie.”)

“Teri har adda
Aur jo bhi khata,
Tu ban ke mera
Hoye raati aandi
jay raati aandhi”

(“Every mien of yours
And whatever the faults are
You be mine
and come at night, in my dreams
Whenever there’s a storm.”)

[Verse 2]

Ni aao saday des veh chalay aa
Kyun Labdi dewaray
Tu Dhundlay kinaray
Hoye Jana aaj

(Come to my world, be a part of it
Why are you searching for walls?
Why is it that you crave these distant shores? [people who do not care, people who are distant]
My beloved!)

Ni Aao Saday des re
Hoye dil di dehlizay bhi kehndi way

(Come to my world,
The threshold of my heart agrees too)

Ni aao saday des
Galiyaan di pukaar
Ni aao saday des
Tum aao ek baar

(Come to my world
The lanes call out
Come to my world
Come, just once.)

Ni aaj tenu vekhay bin
Guzara nai hunda hai
Guzara nai hunda hai
Na wekhu tenu ik pal
Na wekhu ik pal

(Without a glimpse of yours
I cannot survive
I cannot survive
If I don’t see you even for a moment,
Even for a moment.)

[Verse 3]

Aaj teri akhaan vich saun hai mih payi hai
Enha nu vekhya hai mein
jaang di khoono khuni laal padhi hai
Ni avay mere kol mein
Enha hoye Kambday Haathan Naalon tenu
Sambh leya

(I swear I can see that it has rained in your eyes.
I see them
They are blood-red like the aftermath of a war
Come to me,
Despite my trembling hands,
I will take care of you.)

Te dil vich
Tenu kyu ni disada hai tenu mein?
Kinna hoye sonna, Pyaara?

(In your heart,
Why can’t you see me?
Why can’t you see how beautiful I am?)

Ni tenu disda ni des mere mein
Des mere

(Why can’t you see my world,
My world.)

About the Artist

Anuv Jain

Rising Indian Indie artist, Anuv Jain is set to become a big time sensation and a major medium to popularize indie culture in India. Born in Ludhiana, Punjab, Anuv, decided to take his passion for music to the next level in 2020 in the lockdown phase. Just like the indie sensation Prateek Kuhad, Anuv’s music too, is often dominated by acoustic or clean electric guitars.
His hit single, “Baarishein” has garnered much praise and 67,53,156 lakh streams and he boasts around 4 Lakh monthly listeners on Spotify.

His latest single, “Alag Aaasman”, released on 31st July, 2020, a bitter sweet love song about relationships, too has been well received and the song has almost hit the five lakh mark on YouTube, within two weeks of its release.