Riha Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Anuv Jain

Produced by Anuv Jain

Riha Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Anuv Jain

[Verse 1]

Hmm, Rait pe pairon se tere nishaan mere dil par
Logon ki lehron si hai baaton se mitenge kab-tak
Ho jaana tu riha mere, ho jaana tu riha mere
Na hona chahun main, na ho sakun kabhi


The marks on sand
Drawn with your feet
You have made the same
On my heart
The words of people
Which are like waves
Would smudge those marks
For how long?
“Free yourself
Free yourself”
I don’t want to
I cannot ever be

[Verse 2]

Tasveeron mein muskurahat thi
Ab mere chehre pe hai kyun nahi ye poochte
In gairon ko hai samajh nahi koi
Tasveeron mein tum bhi khade the

Mishri si ye yaadein sambhli padi
Tum in mein hi mere ho
Tu hai noor sa, noor hi hai alag
Tu aise mera hai jahaan


In the pictures
There were smiles
Why aren’t they on my face now
They ask
These strangers (other people)
Don’t understand a thing
In the pictures
You were there too
Your sugar-like memories
Are kept well with me
In them, you’re mine
You’re like light
Your glow is otherwordly
Like this, you’re my world
Come to me, my love
Come in my sleep (dream), oh
Under my closed eyes
You’re with me every moment


Aise aaja mere, meri nindiyon mein tu aise o
Band palkon tale, tum har ek pal mere pass ho
Tu hai nahi, tu hai magar
Tu hai nahi main kaun hoon ?
Tu hai parindon sa yun udd chala
Bin tere bta main kaun hoon?


You’re not here
And yet you are
You’re not here
Who am I?
You’re like some bird
Flying away
Without you
Tell me who I am

[Verse 3]

Neendon mein gulistaan hai tera-mera hi hai ye aashiyana
Raaton mein taaron se yun toot kar mere tu laut aana
Reh jaana tu yahan mere, Reh jaana tu yahan mere
Jab-tak milun nahi taaron mein main kahin


In my dreams
I can see a garden of roses
This is our home
At night
From the stars
Break free, my love
And come back to me
Stay here, my love
Stay here, my love
Until we meet again
Among the stars someday

About the Artist

Anuv Jain

Rising Indian Indie artist, Anuv Jain is set to become a big time sensation and a major medium to popularize indie culture in India. Born in Ludhiana, Punjab, Anuv, decided to take his passion for music to the next level in 2020 in the lockdown phase. Just like the indie sensation Prateek Kuhad, Anuv’s music too, is often dominated by acoustic or clean electric guitars.
His hit single, “Baarishein” has garnered much praise and 67,53,156 lakh streams and he boasts around 4 Lakh monthly listeners on Spotify.

His latest single, “Alag Aaasman”, released on 31st July, 2020, a bitter sweet love song about relationships, too has been well received and the song has almost hit the five lakh mark on YouTube, within two weeks of its release.