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Chhod Chala Nirmohi Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Muthu Maharaja movie

    Chhod Chala Nirmohi

    Chhod Chala Nirmohi Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – Muthu Maharaja

    chhod chala nirmohi tera yahaan nahin koyi

    the one who was without affection is leaving you, now nobody is yours here

    kal tak yahaan the jo tere aaj ban gaye dushman kyuun

    the ones who were your own only till yesterday, why have become enemies today

    pyaar se bhari do aankhein aansuon ki ye nadiya kyuun

    two eyes which were full of love, why is there a river of tears flowing in it

    qismat tujhase ruuth gayi kaise prit ki dori tuut gayi

    the fate has got annoyed with you, how did the thread of love got snapped

    maiya ko nishthur kah sakate ho zahar to magar vo de nahin sakati -2

    you can call your mother cruel, but she can’t give poison

    kuun tera bah ke jag se ye puuchhe kya huyi tujhase kata

    your blood should flow and asks the world, “what mistake did you commit?”

    kya huyi tujhase khata

    what mistake did you commit?

    ud ja re nirmohi tera yahaan nahin koyi

    fly away, o the one without affection!, there is no one who is yours here

    mahal kaho ya chaubaara chhod ke sabhi jaana hai

    be it a palace or an attic, one has to leave everything and go

    jhuuth se bhari ye duniya kya khona kya paana hai

    the world is full of falsehood, what is losing and what is gaining

    jisane tujhako luut liya samajho usaki qismat phuut gayi

    the one who loots you, gets his fate sealed

    himagiri se jo nikale ganga saagar mein ja milati hai -2

    the ganges that comes out of himalaya, goes and merges in the sea

    kaise naate hain kaise rishte hain koyi na samajha

    what are these bonds, what are these relationships, no one could understand

    koyi na samajha

    no one could understand

    ruk ja re nirmohi tujhase kahe har koyi

    please stay, o the one without affection!, everyone is urging you

    kal tak jahaan tuu raaja tha aaj ban gaya saadhuu kyuun

    the place where you were king only till yeasterday, why did you become a sage

    kal tak lutaaya dhan tuune aaj de diye aansuu kyuun

    you has distributed only money till yesterday, why did you give tears today

    hamase hua jo begaana kaise zinda rahenge tere bina

    if you are becoming un-related with us, how will we live without you

    sukh aur dukh mein jo saathi hai yaad usi ki rah jaati hai -2

    whoever is the companion of pleasure and sorrow, his memory remains with us

    ham sabaki yahi binati hai tujhase chhod ke yuun na ja

    it is the plea to you from all of us, do not go leaving us

    dil tod ke yuun na ja

    don’t go breaking our heart

    About the movie – Muthu Maharaja

    Chhod Chala Nirmohi Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning - Muthu Maharaja movie

    The movie is about a loyal servant, Muthu (Rajni), working for Zamindar Malayasimman (Sarath Babu) and the cunning plans by the uncle of Malasimman to capture the whole wealth which uncovers some mystery about Muthu.