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Roya Re Dil Roya Re Song Lyrics – Shiraz Uppal

    Shiraz Uppal | Roya Re | Dhokha Movie | Original Sound Track

    Roya Re Dil Roya Re (By: Shiraz Uppal)

    From the movie – Dhoka

    Roya Re Dil Roya Re Song Lyrics in English

    Tanhayee, sangdil tanhayee, sang layee yad teree sang layee
    Bar bar woh bahar phirse yad aayee
    Sunee sunee rah dil kee jisane thee sajayee
    Tanha dil (roya re… dil roya re – 4)

    Har taraf bikhare hai teree yad kehee nishan
    Meree har ek chij me hai teree hee parchhayiya
    Tu hee hota hai, tu hee rehta hai mujhme har dum sada
    Pas bhee tu hai, dur bhee tu hai yeh kaisee khala
    Yad banke ashk teree aankho me samayee
    Yad banke ik hansi honto peh bhee aayee
    Tanha dil (roya re… dil roya re – 4)

    Chand suraj bhee wahee hai, hai wahee aasman
    Jindagee bhee chal rahee hai, chal raha hai jahan
    Mai hee thehra hu khud me simta hu, dil hai ghum se bhara
    Bin tere kaise jiyu mai, kuchh toh de mashwara
    Jindaganee aisee rehgujar peh mujhko layee
    Saye se bhee abb tere ho gayee judayee
    Tanha dil (roya re… dil roya re – 4)

    Roya Re Dil Roya Re Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    तनहेई, सांगदील तनहेयी, सांग लीई यद टेरी सांग लीई
    बार बार वोह बहार फर्व यद अययी
    सुनी सुनी राह दिल की जिसन तु साजयी
    तन्हा दिल (रोया रे … दिल रोया रे – 4)
    हर ताराफ बिखरे है तेरी याद केनी निशन
    मीरा हर एक चिज मी है तेरी हे परछेयाया
    तु हे hega hai, tu hee rehta hai mujhme har dum sada
    Pas Beee Tu Hai, Dur Behe Tu Hai Yeh Kaisee खाला
    Yad Banke Ask Teree Aankho Me Samayeee
    YAD Banke Ik Hansi Honto Peh Behe Aayee
    तन्हा दिल (रोया रे … दिल रोया रे – 4)
    चंद सूरज भी वही है, है वाह अजमैन
    जिंदगी भी चाल रही है, चाल रह है जान
    माई हेहाहाउ हू खुड मी सिम्ता हू, दिल है घुम से भारा
    बिन तेरे Kaise Jiyu माई, कुच तोह दे मशवाड़ा
    जिंदागेनी ऐसी रेहगुजर पे मुज्को लीई
    Saye Sehe Abb Tere Ho Gayee Judayee
    तन्हा दिल (रोया रे … दिल रोया रे – 4)

    About the movie – Dhoka

    Roya Re Dil Roya Re  (By: Shiraz Uppal)

    Post-September 11, 2001, Zaid Ahmed Khan lives a wealthy lifestyle in Mumbai and resides in an apartment at Shanti Kutir, Juhu Tara Road, Mumbai, and works as an Assistant Commissioner of Police. He is of marriageable age, and his marriage is arranged with Sarha, who is the daughter of Parvez, sister of Dhanish, and grand-daughter of Saeed Noor Bux, who are based in Nasik. The two get married in Udaipur, and subsequently Sarha re-locates to live with Zaid in Mumbai. One day terrorists strike at a club, killing 20 people, & critically injuring several others. The Police are put on alert, and Zaid is summoned to Police Headquarters to identify a body. To his shock the body turns out to be that of Sarha – who was not a victim but was a suicide-bomber. Before he could get over this shock, Zaid is arrested by Anti-Terrorist Squad Chief Raj Mehra and questioned for several days. The media, his friends, including fellow police officers, already believe that he is guilty. Finally, after several days, he is freed, much to the chagrin of opposition parties who believe that Zaid is being freed because of political reasons. While trying to put his life together, Zaid comes across evidence that Sarha may have had an hand in the killings, and thus intrigued he decides to travel to Nasik to find out what really happened, whether his devout Islamic wife was really a terrorist or the victim of a deep-rooted conspiracy.