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Seemaaye Bulaaye Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – LOC movie

    Seemaye Bulaye Tujhe Chal Rahi (LOC Kargil - 2003) HD Song

    Seemaaye Bulaaye Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – LOC

    aa aa na na na

    seemaaye bulaaye tujhe chal raahi

    the borders are calling you, lets go traveller

    seemaaye pukaare sipaahi

    the borders call out to you, oh soldier

    suno jaane vaale laut ke aanaa

    listen the one who is going, do come back

    koi raah dekhe bhool na jaanaa

    someone is waiting for you, do not forget

    tum bin pal pal rahungi main bekal banke birhan

    without you every moment, I shall remain ???

    sang hai tumhaare mere desh ke sipaahi

    meraa man

    oh the soldier of my country, my mind is with you

    meraa man meraa man

    my mind, my mind

    tum aur main jo sang na honge to holi mein bhi rang na honge

    if you and me are not together, then there is no colour even in holi

    barf se thandi koyale se kaali tum bin hogi har deevaali

    without you, every diwali will be as cold as ice and as black as coal

    ho seekheinge baadal aansoo bahaanaa

    oh the clouds will learn to shed tears

    aag lagaane ko jaan jalaane ko hogaa saavan

    the rain will be to create a fire and burn the heart

    saavan ki is agni kaa hogaa indhan

    and the fuel for this monsoon’s fire will be

    meraa man meraa man

    my mind, my mind

    ghar ke ye kamre aangan dvaare raah takeinge ye bhi to saare

    these rooms of the house, these courtyard and walls, they too will await you

    khaali rahegi kursi tumhaari pyaasi rahegi phoolon ki kyaari

    your chair will remain empty, the flower pots will remain thirsty

    ho tarsegaa tumko saaraa gharaanaa

    oh, the whole house will thirst for you

    baanhon ko pasaare suno tumhi ko pukaare is ghar kaa aangan

    listen, these arms and the courtyard of the house call out to you

    jaao tum chaahe kahin saath hai meri dhadkan

    meraa man meraa man

    no matter where you go, with you is my heartbeat and my mind, my mind

    About the movie – LOC

    Seemaaye Bulaaye Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning - LOC movie

    Ravi, an unemployed man who constantly gets into fights, is framed for the murder of a gangster. With no support from his family, he must now fight to prove his innocence.