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Pyaar Bharaa Geet Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – LOC movie

    Pyaar Bhara Geet Koi Tumko Piya (LOC Kargil - 2003) HD Song

    Pyaar Bharaa Geet Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – LOC

    Shreya: pyaar bharaa geet koi dekho piyaa tumko gaanaa hi hogaa

    sweetheart, you will have to sing a song full of love

    Sonu: samjhaa karo mushkil meri

    chaahoon na chaahoon mujhko jaanaa hi hogaa

    try and understand my difficulties, whether I want to or not, I will have to go

    Shreya: piyaa mere tan man, mere pyaar ke bandhan, do pal tumhein rokte hain

    darling, my body and mind and the binds of my love are stopping you every moment

    Sonu: koi jaataa ho to, pichhe se usko, aise nahin tokte hain

    when someone is going, you should not stop them from behind like this

    Shreya: sautan meri kyaa hai koi, jaldii hai kyun, samjhaanaa hi hogaa

    do I have a rival, you have to explain to me why you are in such a hurry

    Sonu: jaanaa pade jo mujhko kahin to, aise na roothaa karo

    if I have to go somewhere, do not get upset like this

    na sar ko jhatko, na pair patko, na thandi aahein bharo

    do not jerk your head like this, do not stomp your feet, do not sigh wistfully

    Shreya: haan jaao tumhe kyaa jaise rahoon main

    ok go, what is it to you however I stay

    sunte nahin ho jo bhi kahoon main

    you never listen to whatever I say

    Sonu: jaane kaa gham hai mujhko bhi, is gham ko lekin bahlaanaa hi hogaa

    even I am upset about having to leave, but we must come to terms with this grief

    Sonu: khilte raheinge phool dilon ke jab tak hai ye gulsitaan

    as long as this garden exists, flowers will continue to bloom in the heart

    jalne lagaa jo apnaa chaman to jaayeinge ham tum kahaan

    if our garden starts to burn, then where will you and I go

    Shreya: lekin meraa jo dil jal rahaa hai, kyun nahin tumko uskaa pataa hai

    but here my heart is burning, why are you not aware of that

    Sonu: jo aag hai dil mein lagi, kuchh din to uspe qaaboo paanaa hi hogaa

    the fire that is burning in the heart, we have to control it for a few days

    Sonu: aayeinge phir se din ye milan ke, phir aayegaa ye samaa

    these days of meeting will come again, this weather will come again

    chhaayeinge baadal ham premi paagal yun hi mileinge yahaan

    the clouds will cover the sky, and us crazy lovers will meet here like that again

    Shreya: vaadaa kiyaa hai dekho na bhoole, aake jhulaanaa saavan ke jhoole

    you have promised, make sure you dont forget, you must come and swing me on the swings in the monsoon

    Sonu: baat aisi hai tumne kahi, saavan mein to mujhko aanaa hi hogaa

    now that you have said this, I will definitely have to come in the monsoon season

    About the movie – LOC

    Pyaar Bharaa Geet Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning - LOC movie

    Ravi, an unemployed man who constantly gets into fights, is framed for the murder of a gangster. With no support from his family, he must now fight to prove his innocence.