Mere Khayalon Ki Malika Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Josh movie

Mere Khayalon Ki Malika- HD VIDEO | Aishwarya Rai & Chandrachur Singh | Josh | 90's Romantic Song

Mere Khayalon Ki Malika Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Josh

mere khayaalon ki maalikaa…

The mistress of my thoughts…

chaaron taraf teri chhaiyya re thaam le aake bainya

Your shadow spreads over everything; come take my arm.

chaaron taraf teri chhaiyya re chhaiyya

Your shadow spreads over my entire world

aaye phuulon ke ras mein nahaake la’i bhini si khushbu churaake…

She comes bathed in the essence of flowers, having stolen their delicate perfume… [lit. bhini = light, moist]

teri aankhon mein hai halka sa nasha tera ruup meri nazaron mein basa

Your eyes gently drug me; your beauty burns into my eyes. [lit.: In your eyes is a subtle/gentle intoxicant; your beauty settles in my glances]

jaadu chhaaya hai tera jaadu qaabu dil pe nahin hai qaabuu…

Your spell, your spell has spread (over me); I have no control, no control over my heart.

sapnon ki pari itna to bata rahati hai kahaan tera naam hai kya

You fabulous figment of dreams, tell me this much: where do you live, what is your name?

About the movie – Josh

Max, who lives with his twin sister Shirley in Goa, is enraged when he finds out that she has fallen in love with Rahul, his bitter rival Prakash’s younger brother.