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Le Chalen Doliyon Mein Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Filhaal movie

    Le Chalen Doliyon Mein Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – Filhaal


    le chalein doliyon mein tumhein

    I’ll take you away in the bridal palanquin

    gar iraada karo

    if you just make your wishes clear.

    ungliyon mein pahan lo yeh rishta

    Wear (the sign) of this relationship on your fingers,

    aur vaada karo

    and (with it) make a promise.


    teri aankhon se chhanti huyi is chamak ki qasam

    I swear by the sparkle filtering through your eyes.

    yeh samandar jo namkin hai is namak ki qasam

    I swear by the salt in the ocean.

    chalk se chaand pe likh diya hai naam hum ne tera

    I’ve written your name with a splash on the moonlight


    dil kisi pe to aana hi tha

    You had to fall in love with someone;

    dil ka kya ki jiye

    what else is your heart to do?

    is padosi ko jaana hi tha

    It had to go to this stranger;

    ab fida ki jiye

    now devote it (to him).

    tum kaho to tumhein saump de

    If you tell me to, I’ll give myself into your keeping.

    ab to vaada karo

    Now make a promise!


    About the movie – Filhaal

    A feel good song about love and it’s beauty of never giving up.. From the makers of iconic songs like Qismat , Maan Bhariya, Pachtaoge and Coka , one of bollywood most celebrated Artist Akshay Kumar Featuring Nupur sanon , bring to you, their first ever debut Music video , in the…