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Nazar Lage Na Sathiyo - Kishore Kumar - Mehmood - Des Pardesh -

Nazar Lage Na Saathiyon Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Des Pardes

Aray Nazar lage na saathiyon

May the devil eyes not be casted

Aray Ho ho ho ho oo

Aaj bhari mehfil mere kahin Dol na jaye dil In gori gori mam ka

In this big gathering of fair ladies, what if the heart gets effected


Aray Nazar lage na saathiyon

Aray Ho ho ho ho oo

Aaj bhari mehfil mere kahin dol na jaye dil

In gori gori mam ka

Ab ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba

Wahan mile the Theke mein aray hum tum kuch din pehle

We had met there in the pub a few days ago

Yahan mile in vish mehkhane me phir desi pehle

Here we have met again in the club

Aray hukka beeDi peete the wahan baandh ke resham pagDi

there we used to be clad in turbans and smoked pipes

aray kas ke boot pehan ke suit

Shoes buckled up,clad in perfect suits

Abaad kare koi tagDi

Some rich one flourished

yadein wadein

memories, promises

Sapne iradein

Dreams, desires

Bhooli baatein yaad kara de

Makes us remember all those old talks

Aray hatke bhatke youn hi atke

Rehte hai hum laTke laTke

Somehow we are able to survive with the small undertakings

Aray ulta chor kotwaal ko datein

The culprit trying to accuse the captor

ye dastoor purana

That has always been the case

humne mana

I agree

Aaj bhari mehfil mere kahin dol na jaye dil

in gori gori mam ka

Aray Soch samajh ke aage barhna

Think carefully before you step forward

Aag ka ye ek dariya

This is a dangerous road [aag means fire, dariya is stream]

Dil walo se milna ho to banda hi ek jariya

If you want to meet helpful people, then be the man himself

Wahan wo jeewan saathi hai yahan roj naya saawariyan

There you have a life partner, here you change one evryday

Wo bhi theek to ye bhi theek hai

Both are ok

Apna apna nazariya

It depends on how one looks at it

Jhoomar payal

Earings, anklets

Bindiya kaajal

Bindi [dot on forehead] kohl in eyes

Na chunri hai

There is no veil

Na hai aachal

No sari end

Roz baras ke uD jata hai

Everyday it comes and goes

Ye angrezi husn ka badal

This effect of english chiks

Aray do paathan ke beech me yaron saabut bacha na koye

Clad in between two mountains, nothing survives

Oye ye ku hoye, Hoy!!

Why does this happen

Aray aaj bhari mehfil mein kahin dol na jaye dil

In gori gori mam ka

bale balle balle balle balle balle balle

Ek din humko bheja tha ab kis ko bhej ke aye

One day you sent me, who have you sent now

Aray hum to jhatke kha baithe ab tum kya khane aye

We have suffered a lot, what have you come for

Aray baat karo kuch kheton ki

Talk about all those fields[greens]

Tum jahan se hoke aye

that you have crossed when coming here

Aray yahan to pal pal dhuwe ke mare dam hi ghuTta jaye

Here in all this smoke breathing is very difficult

Ao ao

Come come

Unhe pilao

make him drink

Soye huwo ko zara jagao

Raise the sleeping one awake [make him aware]

Darte darte


Kaam hai karte

We do the work

Sao baar bache hai marte marte

We have survived a lot of incidents

Aray Khaao piyo mauj manao mauka phir nahi ana

Lets eat and drink, enjoy, we may not get this chance again

Aray la na

Ok give it to me

Aaj bhari mehfil mere kahin dol na jaye dil

In gori gori mam ka

Aray nazar lage na saathiton

Aray ho oh oh ho ho

Aaj bhari mehfil mere kahin dol na jaye dil

In gori gori mam ka

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Samir Sahni is a farmer living with his mom, dad, wife, Rama, a young daughter, and his younger brother, Veer. Samir gets an offer to work in the U.K., and departs accordingly. He would like to settle there, and after doing so, would like his family to also join him. The years go…