Zamaane Ne Maare Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Baharon Ke Sapne movie

Baharon Ke Sapne - Zamane ne mare jawan kaise kaise

Zamaane Ne Maare Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Baharon Ke Sapne

zamaane ne maare javaan kaise-kaise

this world had obliterated the youthfulness of many kinds,

zameen khaa gayee aasmaan kaise-kaise

of what kinds had the earth swallowed the colourful skies,

pale the jo kal rang mein dhool mein

the one’s, who did nurture, in the colourful and earthly states, in the recent past,

huyi dar-ba-dar kaarvaan kaise-kaise

became the wanderer, from door to door,

zamaane ne maare

this world had obliterated…

hazaaron ke tan kaise sheeshe hohn choor

how come is it possible that, thousands of people would have the fragmented glass like flesh,

jalaa dhoop mein kitni aankhon ka noor

how many eyes has been charred in the sunlight,

chehare pe gam ke nishaan kaise-kaise

of which kinds are the signs of grief on the visage,

zamaane ne maare

this world obliterated…

lahoo ban ke bahte vo aansoo tamaam

these entire tears would have flown like blood in the veins,

ki hogaa inheen se bahaaron kaa naam

like the season will blooom in their names,

banenge abhee aashiyaan kaise-kaise

of what kinds will be the houses now,

zamaane ne maare

this world had obliterated…

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