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Aag Lag Jayey Kahee Par Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Akayla (1991) movie

    Aag Lag Jayey Kahee Par Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – Akayla (1991)

    aag lag jayey kahee par toh dhuan uthata hai

    When there is a fire, the smoke comes out

    ud jati hai khabar

    The news spreads

    ishq ho jayey agar toh kaha chhipata hai

    When someone falls in love, then it can not be a secret

    kehte hain log mohabbat me, yeh dil jab dil se milta hai

    People say that in love, when two hearts meet

    ik phul sa dil me khilta hai, aag lag jayey kahee par

    A flower blossoms in the heart, sets a fire alight somewhere

    jab samane woh aa jayey toh, yeh sans jara ruk jati hai

    When she comes in front of you, then the breathing stops a little

    yeh ankh jara jhuk jati hai

    The eyes look downwards

    besabab yun hee yeh sar aise kaha jhukata hai

    Without reason, this head never bows down

    aag lag jayey kahee par………….

    The passion/fire is alight somewhere

    iss ishq kee kya tarif karu, dil kaa ik arman hai yeh

    What praises can I sing for this love, it is the heart’s desire

    arman nahee tufan hai yeh, rokne se bhi yeh tufan kaha rukta hai

    not just a desire, but it is a storm, no one can even stop it from happening

    aag lag jayey kahee par

    when a fire/passion is set alight somewhere

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