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Dhinak Dhinak Dha Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Parineeta movie

    Dhinak Dhinak Dha | Parineeta | Saif Ali Khan & Dia Mirza | Rita Ganguly

    Dhinak Dhinak Dha Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – Parineeta

    suno suno dulhan ki aur dulhe ki kahaani

    Listen to the story of a bridegroom and bride

    dulha thoda aire tha dulhan thi saiyaani

    The groom was a little crooked, the bride was a youthful beauty

    duur des se aayi thi voh ruup ki raani

    That queen of beauty had come from a distant land

    jal bun jaave saans na nadiya kudhe jataani

    and nothing pleased her. (?)

    kaise huwa milan mausi hamein bataa

    How did the meeting go? Tell us, Auntie!

    shaadi ki raat ka kissa hamein sunaa

    Tell us the story of their wedding night!

    bataao na mausi

    Tell us, auntie!

    dulhan ko kya suujhi jaane thi voh diwaani

    No one knew what would please the bride; she was acting like a madwoman.

    ruuthke kundi band kar baithi ek na maani

    She sat sulking behind a locked door, and wouldn’t listen to anyone.

    dulhe ko kundi thok-thok yaad aa gayi naani

    As the groom banged on the door, he was reminded of his grandmother.

    are sar ko bujhaaye sochaa bechaara khatm kahaani

    Oh, his head cooled, and the poor wretch thought, “Is the story over before it has begun?”

    o mere jaanejaan aise sitam na kaar

    Oh, my love, don’t torment me so.

    itna mujhe bataa meri khataa hai kya

    Just let me know what I’ve done wrong!

    phir doston ne dulhe ko samjhaaye

    Then the groom’s friends explained to him

    kya samjhaaya

    What did they explain?

    mithi mithi baatein karo

    “Talk to her sweetly.

    sachche jhuuthe vaade kar gadhe

    Spin some promises for her, you fool!

    tab maanegi teri raani

    Then your queen will give her assent!”

    dulha bolaa chanda taare laayuun main raani The groom said, “I’ll bring you the moon and stars, my queen!”

    About the movie – Parineeta

    Dhinak Dhinak Dha Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning - Parineeta movie

    The lifelong romance between Lolita (Balan) and Shekar (Khan) is upset by the arrival of another man.