Dastaan E Om Shanti Om Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Om Shanti Om movie

Dastaan-E-Om Shanti Om [Full Song] | Om Shanti Om | Shahrukh Khan

Dastaan E Om Shanti Om Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Om Shanti Om

Sunnewaalon suno aisa bhi hota hai

Listen to me all the listeners sometimes such things happen

Dil deta hai jo woh jaan bhi khota hai

The one who falls in love also loses a life

Pyar aisa jo karta hai

Such type of love who does

kya mar ke bhi marta hai

Does he die even after death

aao tum bhi aaj sunlo

Come, you too listen today

Dastan hai yeh

This story is of

ki ik tha naujawan jo dil hi dil me ek hasina ka tha diwana

One young man who used to admire silently a beautiful girl

Woh haseena thi ke jisaki khubsurati

The girl was so beautiful that her beauty

ka duniyabhar mein tha mashahoor afsaana

was well-known and talked about throughout the world

Dono ki yeh kahaani hai jisako sabhi kehte hai Om Shanti Om

This story is about both of them that is called by all as Om Shanti Om

(Naujawaan ki thi aarjoo, usaki thi yehi justjoo

That young man had a wish, and this quest

Uss haseena mein usako mile, ishq ke saare rang) – 2

that he finds all the colours of love in the girl – 2

Usane na jaane yeh naadaani hai

He didn’t know that it was his ignorance

woh reth ko samajha ke paani hai

He judged sand as water

Kyun aisa tha, kis liye tha, yeh kahaani hai

Why it was so, and for whom, it is the story

Daastaan hai yeh ke uss dilkash hassena ke

This saga is of that beautiful girl

nigaahon dil mein koi dusara hi tha

who had someone else in her gaze

Bekhabar iss baat se uss naujawaan

Unaware of this, that young man’s

ke khaabon ka anjaam toh hona bura hi tha

dream has to meet a tragic end

Tute khaabon ki uss daastaan ko sabhi kehte hai Om Shaanti Om

That saga of the broken dream is called by all as Om Shaanti Om

Sunnewaalon suno aisa bhi hota hai

Listen you all listeners that this thing happens

koi jitna hase utana hi rota hai

someone who laugh as much also cries as much

Deewaani hoke haseena khaayi kya dhoke haseena

Being mad in love, that girl tasted betrayal in love

aao tum bhi aaj sunlo

Come you also listen to it today

Daastaan hai yeh ki uss maasoom haseena ne

This saga is of that innocent girl who

jisse chaha o tha andar se harjaayi

loved a man who was unfaithful from inside

Sangdil se dil lagaake

Being in love with that cold-hearted

bewafa ke haath aake, usane ik din maut hi paayi

Surrendering herself in his hands, she met her death one day

Ik sitam ka fasaana hai jisako sabhi kehte hai Om Shaanti Om

This saga is of cruelty to which all call it Om Shaanti Om

Kyun koi kaatil samajhata nahi

Why doesn’t any killer understand

yeh julm wo hai jo chupta nahi

that this crime is one that couldn’t be hidden

Yeh daag woh hai jo mitata nahi

This stain is that which cannot be erased

rehta hai khuni ke haath par

It remains on the hand of the killer

Khun uss haseena ka jab tha huva

When that girl was killed

koi waha tha pahunch toh gaya

Someone had reached at the crime scene

Lekin use woh bacha na saka

But he couldn’t save her

Roya tha pyaar usake maut par

He cried on her death

Daastaan hai yeh ki jo pehchaanata hai khuni ko

This is the saga that the one who recognizes the killer

woh naujawaan hai laut ke aaya

is the same young man who has returned in his next life

Keh rahi hai jindagi

The life is saying

kaatil samajhale usake sar pe chha chuka hai maut ka saaya

that O killer death is looming over your head

Janmon ki, karmon ki hai kahaani jise

This is the story of life and deeds

(kehte hai Om Shaanti Om – 3)

Which is known as Om Shaanti Om – 3

About the movie – Om Shanti Om

In the 1970s, Om, an aspiring actor, is murdered, but is immediately reincarnated into the present day. He attempts to discover the mystery of his demise and find Shanti, the love of his previous life.