Yun Hi Re Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – David movie

Yun Hi Re Lyrical | David | Neil Nitin Mukesh, Isha Sharwani, Vikram| Anirudh, Swetha Mohan.

Yun Hi Re Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – David

Laakh roka par ruka na

I have tried to stop it thousands of time

ishq yeh sarsor hai

This love is very stubborn

Apni chahat aur kuchh hai

Our wish is something else

ishq ki kuchh aur hai

from the wish of love

Tere mere bas mein kya hai

What is there in our control

ho raha hai jo likha hai

Whatever is happening is already scripted (By the Lord)

Is lamhe ki khwaahishon mein

In these moment of desires

zindagani ki raza hai

there is a wish of life

(Yun hi re yun hi re

Just like this

milte rahein hum

We keep meeting each other

Tujhi mein tujhi mein

In you only

rangey rahe hum) – 2

May I be painted in your colour – 2

Na ganwara tha mujhe jo

That something not accepted to me

dil ko woh manzoor hai

was accepted to the heart

Tujh se mil ke dil yeh jaane

After meeting you, I don’t know my heart

kis nashe mein choor hai

is lost in what intoxication

Oho saath mil ke dil se tere

Together with your heart

Ho gaya hoon ba-khuda main

I have came in presence of the God

Teri gurbat se bhi kaisi

From your closeness, how

Reh sakoongi ab juda

can I live be separated now

Tere nigahon ki bahoon main rahungi

I will stay in the arms of your eyes

Chahat ki hamesa raahon main rahungi

May I remain in the path of love forever

(Yun hi re yun hi re mile rahein hum

Just like this

Tujhi mein tujhi mein rangey rahe hum) – 2

In you only may I be painted in your colour – 2

About the movie – David

The lives of three different men named David are about to change forever.