Jhum Jhum Manmohan Re Murali Song Lyrics – Hemant Kumar

Jhoom Jhoom Manmohan - Hemant Kumar - BIRAJ BAHU - Kamini Kaushal Shakuntala, Pran

Jhum Jhum Manmohan Re Murali (By: Hemant Kumar)

From the movie – Biraaj Bahu

Jhum Jhum Manmohan Re Murali Song Lyrics in English

Shyam re aa aa aa…. shyam re
Ik pal darash dikha ja

Jhum jhum manmohan re murali madhur suna ja – (4)
Tere darash ke pyase naina ik pal darash dikha ja
Jhum jhum……….

Gokul suna, mathura suni, (sune braj ke jhule -2)
Bhul gaya too hamko mohan (ham naa tujhko bhule – 2)

Phir panaghat pe jamuna ke tat pe aake ras racha ja ghanshyam
Ghanshyam, ghanshyam, radheshyam, ghanshyam
Phir panaghat pe jamuna ke tat pe aake ras racha ja
Jhum jhum……….

Ham jaise toh lakho jag me (tujhsa kaun hai data -2)
Tod ke sare nate hamane joda tujh sanga nata, joda tujhse nata

Bhanwar me naiya padi, khevaiya abb toh par laga ja, ghanshyam
Ghanshyam, ghanshyam, radheshyam, ghanshyam
Bhanwar me naiyya padi, khevaiyya abb toh par laga ja
Jhum jhum……….

Jhum Jhum Manmohan Re Murali Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

श्याम रे एए एए …. श्याम रे
आईके पाल यहश दीका जा
झूम झूम मनमोहन रे मुरली मधुर सुना जा – (4)
तेरे दरश के पायज़ नैना इक पाल दारश दीका जा
झूम झूम ……….
गोकुल सुना, मथुरा सुनी, (सुने ब्राज के झूले -2)
भुल गया भी हम्को मोहन (हैम ना Tujhko भुले – 2)
Phir Panaghat Pe Jamuna Ke Tat Pe Aake Ras Racha Ja Ghanshyam
घनश्याम, घनश्याम, राधेश्यम, घनश्याम
फ़िर पनाघाट पे जमुना के टैट पीए अएक रस राचा जा
झूम झूम ……….
हैम जाइज़ तोह लखो जैग मी (तुजता कौन है डेटा -2)
टॉड के सायर नाट हमन जोदा तुज संगा नाटा, जोदा तुजसे नाटा
भंवर मी नैया पाडी, खेवाया अब्बोध तो पार लागा जा, घनश्याम
घनश्याम, घनश्याम, राधेश्यम, घनश्याम
भंवर मी नैय्या पादी, खवेय्या अब्बोधा पार लागा जा
झूम झूम ……….

About the movie – Biraaj Bahu

Nilambhar Chakravorty belongs to a poor family, and lives in a joint family with his married brother, Pitambar, unmarried sister, Punnu, and wife, Biraj. Since his sister is of marriageable age, he arranges her marriage, and borrows some money. When Pitambar comes to know about this, he refuses to share any expense in his sister’s marriage, and decides to separate, resulting in a fence being put up between their homes. Nilambher, unable to find employment, is unable to pay back the loan, and soon both he and his wife barely have enough to live on. To complicate matters further, Deodhar, a wealthy young contractor has his eye on Biraj’s beauty and would like to be intimate with her, in return for money and a better life. He even hires Biraj’s maidservant, Sundari, to lure Biraj to him. One day when Nilambher goes to attend a funeral in a nearby town, and does not come home for two days. When he returns he is told that Biraj had been seen hear Deodhar’s place. When he questions her, she refuses to explain and he asks to get out of his house, which she does, and eventually disappears from his life altogether. All Nilambher hears is rumors that Biraj has run away with Deodhar and is leading a comfortable life, but no one knows for sure where she is or why she refused to explain to Nilambher where she was that night.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046780/