Mere Mann Kaa Bawara Panchchi Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

Mere Man Ka Bawra Panchhi | Lata Mangeshkar | Amar Deep 1958 | Dev Anand, Vyjayanthimala

Mere Mann Kaa Bawara Panchchi (By: Lata Mangeshkar)

From the movie – Amar Deep

Mere Mann Kaa Bawara Panchchi Song Lyrics in English

Mere mann kaa bawara panchchi kyo bar bar dole – (2)
Sapno me aaj kis kaa woh behke pyar dole
Mere mann kaa………..

Kis ke khayal me yeh najre jhuki jhuki hain – (2)
Dekho idhar bhi lab par aahe ruki ruki hain – (2)
Tum ho karar jis dil kaa -2, wohi bekarar dole
Mere mann kaa………..

Dil ko lagan hai uski mithi najar hai jiski – (2)
Ham pas hain tumhare phir dil me yad hai kis kee – (2)
Tum jo najar milao -2, dil me bahar dole
Mere mann kaa………..

Kab se khade huye hain kah do toh laut jayey – (2)
Tumhe dur hee se dekhen har din naa pas aaye – (2)
Ankho me jindgi bhar tak -2, tera intjar dole
Mere mann kaa………..

Mere Mann Kaa Bawara Panchchi Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

मात्र मान का बावर पंचची क्यो बार बार डोल – (2)
Sapno Me aaj Kaaa WOH Behke Pyar Dole
मेरे मन काए ………..
किस के खयाल मी ये नज्रे झुकी झुकी हेन – (2)
Dekho Idhar Bhi Lab Par Aahe Ruki Ruki Hain – (2)
तुम हो करार jis dil kaa -2, वोही Bearar डोल
मेरे मन काए ………..
दिल को लगान है उसकी मिठी नजर है जोस्की – (2)
Ham Pas Hain Tumhare Phir dil Me Me Yad है Kis kee – (2)
तुम जो नजर मिलो -2, दिल मुझे बहार डोल
मेरे मन काए ………..
Kab Se Khade Huye Hain Kah Do Toh Laut Jayey – (2)
तुमे डूर हे से देखरेन हर दीन ना पास आयर – (2)
Ankho Me Jindgi भर Tak -2, तेरा इंटजर डोल
मेरे मन काए ………..

About the movie – Amar Deep

Aruna lives a wealthy lifestyle with her paternal grandfather. She has come of marriageable age and he wants her to get married to a young man named Pran. But Aruna finds him possessive, controlling, and hot-tempered, and will not have anything to do with him, so she decides to run away. Her grandfather asks Pran to search everywhere for her, and Pran takes a oath that he will not return home until he finds her. He does find her and brings her back home. Shortly thereafter, her grandpa develops complications and passes away, leaving her in the care of Pran and a servant named Harriya. When Pran offers to marry her, she refuses and tells him that she loves another man, Ashok, she met when she ran away, the one who lives in an abandoned bus in the country. When they locate Ashok, he is unable to recognize her, and is in the company of a beautiful street dancer, Roopa, who he hopes to get married to soon. Was her romance with Ashok all a dream for Aruna, or is there some other reason why Ashok is refusing to recognize her?