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Prem Patra Aaya Hai Usne Bulaya Hai Song Lyrics – Kumar Sanu

    Geet (1992)
    Prempatra Aaya Hai - Avinash Wadhawan - Divya Bharti - Geet - Bollywood Songs - Bappi Lahiri

    Prem Patra Aaya Hai Usne Bulaya Hai (By: Kumar Sanu)

    From the movie – Geet (1992)

    Prem Patra Aaya Hai Usne Bulaya Hai Song Lyrics in English

    Prem patra aaya hai usne bulaya hai
    Jo naa socha tha kabhee aaj woh ho gaya – (2)
    Prem patra aaya hai……..

    Khat me likha hai jo kya yeh hakikat hai
    Kya yeh hakikat hai tumhe mujhse mohabbat hai
    Hai toh janeman kabhee yeh juban se bhee keh do
    Keh do yeh keh do meree ho han tum meree ho
    Are baba keh toh diya, jo naa socha tha…….

    Achanak yeh huwa kaise mere dil ko hairat hai
    Kyon hairat hai
    Inayat hai tumharee ya meharban mujhpe kismat hai
    Tumhe kya lagta hai
    Oh tum apne toh sara aalam apna hai
    Maine dekha woh sach hai ya koyee sapna hai
    Yeh sach hai sach hai sach hai, jo naa socha tha…….

    Prem Patra Aaya Hai Usne Bulaya Hai Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    प्रेम पटरा आया हैई हेलेया है
    जो ना सोचा था तबी आज वो हो गया – (2)
    प्रेम पटरा आया है ……..
    Khat Me Likha Hai Jo Kya Yeh Hakikat Hai
    के ये हकीकत है तुहे मुजहेबत है
    है Toh Janeman Kabhee ये Juban Se Behe Keh Do
    Keh करो ये केह मेरी हो हन तुम मेरी हो
    बाबा केह तोह दीया, जो ना सोचा थे …….
    Achanak Yeh Huwa Kaise मेरे दिल को हेयरत है
    Kyon Hairat Hai
    Inayat है Tumheree Ya Meharban Mujhpe Kismat है
    तुमहे का नेता है
    ओह तुम अपने तह सारा आलम तना है
    मेन देखा वह सच है हा या कोय सपना है
    ये सच है सच है सच है, जो ना सोचा था …….

    About the movie – Geet (1992)

    Prem Patra Aaya Hai Usne Bulaya Hai  (By: Kumar Sanu)

    Rajesh Tripathi lives a poor lifestyle in a village in India along with his widower dad, Shivshankar. He leaves his father so that he can study in Bombay. While there he becomes a fan of singer and dancer, Neha, and even paints hoardings for her shows. During the holidays, he returns home to his village and gets a surprise when he finds that Neha has also re-located there. His overtures to become friendly with her end up in getting the police involved for alleged molestation. After clearing his name, Neha then entraps him to accompany her to an isolated shack and locks him there, which almost kills him. After this incident Neha does accept his friendship and confides in him that she can never sing as she has been poisoned by her former manager, Hari Saxena, so much so that her vocal chords have been damaged repair. Rajesh accepts the challenge and sets about to resurrect Neha’s voice and her career – not knowing that both of them may end up being targets of Hari – who has planned a devious ending for Neha and anyone who supports her.