Nanhe Re Munne Re Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

Garam Coat

Nanhe Re Munne Re Nanhaa Moraa Dole Lata old is gold song

Nanhe Re Munne Re (By: Lata Mangeshkar)

From the movie – Garam Coat

Nanhe Re Munne Re Song Lyrics in English

Nanhe re munne re – (3)
Nanha mora dole moree anganaiya – (2)

Ghuur ke dekhu aur musakau
Mund ke ankhiya pas bulau – (2)
Natakhat hans ke chale paiya paiya
Nanha mora dole moree anganaiya, nanha mora dole……….

Komal aisa mora alabela – (2)
Aankh pade toh rang ho maila – (2)
Dare phiruun mai toh achara kee chhaiya
Nanha mora dole moree anganaiya, nanha mora dole………

Humak humak chale mare kilakaree – (2)
Chhotee chhotee batiya lage pyaree pyaree – (2)
Lage najar nahee, le lu balaiya
Nanha mora dole moree anganaiya, nanha mora dole………

Nanhe Re Munne Re Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

नन्हे रे मुन रे – (3)
नानहा मोरा डोल मोरे आंगनैया – (2)
घुर के देखु और मुसाकाऊ
मुंड के अंहीया पास बुलाऊ – (2)
नाटकखत हंस के चाले पयाया पयाया
नन्हा मोले डोल मोरे आंगनैया, नानहा मोरा डोल ……….
कोमल आइसा मोरा अलाबेला – (2)
ऐंके पेड तोह रंग हो मेलया – (2)
डियर फिरुउन माई तोह आचार्य चेई
नानहा मोरा डोल मोरे आंगनैया, नानहा मोरा डोल ………
हमक हमक चेल मारे किलाकर – (2)
छोट छोटी बेटिया लेज प्यारी प्यारी – (2)
लेज नजर नही, ले लू बालैया
नानहा मोरा डोल मोरे आंगनैया, नानहा मोरा डोल ………

About the movie – Garam Coat

Girdharilal lives a poor lifestyle in Delhi along with his wife, Geeta, and two daughters and a son. He works as a Money Order Clerk in the Post Office, earns Rs.110/- per Mensem, and wears a torn coat that his wife is tired of stitching. One day at work, he makes an error in a money order but does manage to fix it, collects his pay and returns home, refusing to drink alcohol with his co-workers, Sher Khan and Munnilal. He then sets out to buy some snacks and toys for his children and loses a 100 Rupee note. Unable to recollect where he lost it, he decides to kill himself but when he misses the train he returns home and confides in his wife. She assures him that she will manage somehow. He manages to borrow money, even finds a part-time job, to pay off his bills, but is unable to pay his electricity bill. One night he returns home and finds the pantry full. His mind distracted with doubts about his wife’s character, he starts making mistakes at both his places of employment, and returns home to find his door locked, his wife missing, and his children playing outside. When he questions them about the whereabouts of their mother, they refuse to tell him. Shortly thereafter Sher Khan and Munnilal, concerned about their co-worker, find him near the railway tracks heading straight into an on-coming train. Sher manages to rescue him, and this is when he will tell them the devastating news that Geeta has taken to prostitution and he has killed her. Watch what impact this has on his employment, his children, and his friends.