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Chal Ri Sajani Abb Kya Soche Song Lyrics – Mukesh

    Chal Ri Sajani Abb Kya Soche (By: Mukesh)

    From the movie – Bambai Kaa Babu

    Chal Ri Sajani Abb Kya Soche Song Lyrics in English

    Chal ri sajani abb kya soche
    Kajra naa beh jaye rote rote
    Chal ri sajani……

    Babul pachtaye hatho ko mal ke
    Kahe diya pardes tukde ko dil ke
    Aansu liye soch raha dur khadha re
    Chal ri sajani……

    Mamta kaa aanchal gudiyo kaa kangna
    Chhoti badi sakhiya ghar gali angna
    Chhut gaya, chhut gaya, chhut gaya re
    Chal ri sajani……

    Dulhan banke gori khadhi hai
    Koyi nahi apna kaisi ghadi hai
    Koyi yaha, koyi waha, koyi kaha re
    Chal ri sajani……

    Chal Ri Sajani Abb Kya Soche Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    Chal Ri Sajani Abb Kya Soche
    Kajra Naa Beh Jaye Rote Rote
    Chal Ri Sajani ……
    बाबुल पचटाये हेतो को ज्यादा के
    Kahe Diya Tukde Ko dil ke
    Aansu Liye Soch Raha Dur Khadha Re
    Chal Ri Sajani ……
    ममता का चांचल गुडियो कांगना
    छत्ती बडी सखिया घर गाली एंजना
    छठ गया, छठ गया, छठ गया फिर
    Chal Ri Sajani ……
    दुल्हन बेंके गोरी खधी हैई
    कोय नाहि अपना कैसी गड़ी है
    कोय याहा, कोय वाहा, कोय काहा रे
    Chal Ri Sajani ……

    About the movie – Bambai Kaa Babu

    Chal Ri Sajani Abb Kya Soche  (By: Mukesh)

    Babu and Malik are two inseparable friends who live in a small town in India. One day they decide to play a prank and steal something. They get caught, while Malik’s dad come to bail out and stand surety for him, Babu has no one to do so and ends up in the juvenile center. When the two grow up, Malik becomes a Police Inspector, while Babu takes to crime and ends up being sentenced in jail. When he gets discharged, he goes to meet with his partner-in-crime, Bali, and together they start planning the next heist. Malik meets with Babu and tells him to go straight, but Babu had already tried that and ended up being falsely accused of stealing a necklace belonging to his employer’s wife. Nevertheless, Babu does inform Bali that he will not be taking part in any crime. Thereafter, Bali and his men are arrested, and blame Babu for ratting on them. Bali is released on bail, Babu meets with him, an argument ensues, leading to a physical fight, with Bali getting killed. A fearful Babu flees from Bombay straight to Jogendranagar in Northern India, where he meets with a man named Bhagat who asks him to masquerade as Kundan, the sole heir of a wealthy man named Shahji. When Babu refuses, Bhagat threatens to notify the Police. Babu becomes Kundan, makes his way into the hearts of Shahji, his wife, Rukmani, and daughter, Maya. Babu gets enough cash to pay off Bhagat in small installments, but Bhagat becomes more and more demanding and wants Babu to steal all the cash and jewelry and abscond. Babu is reluctant to steal from these kind people, and to make matters worse has fallen in love with Maya – his ‘sister’. Caught between a rock and a hard place – no matter what move Babu makes – he will surely end up trapping himself – not only with Bhagat, his newfound family, as well as the police – who are now hot on his trail.