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Baharo Ne Meraa Chaman Lutakar Song Lyrics – Mukesh

    Baharo Ne Meraa Chaman Lutakar (By: Mukesh)

    From the movie – Devar

    Baharo Ne Meraa Chaman Lutakar Song Lyrics in English

    Baharo ne meraa chaman lutakar
    Khija ko yeh iljam kyo de diya
    Kisee ne chalo dushmanee thee magar
    Ise dosatee nam kyo de diya

    Mai samaja nahee aye mere humanashee
    Saja yeh milee hain mujhe kisaliye
    Key sakee ne lab se mere chhinakar
    Kisee aur ko jam kyo de diya

    Mujhe kya pata tha kabhee ishk me
    Rakibo ko katib banate nahee
    Khata ho gayee mujhse katib mere
    Tere hath paigam kyo de diya

    Khudaya yaha tere insaf key
    Bahot maine charche sune hain magar
    Saja kee jagah yek khatawar ko
    Bhala tune inam kyo de diya

    Baharo Ne Meraa Chaman Lutakar Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    बहारो नेत्र चमन लुटकर
    Khija Ko Yeh Iljam Kyo de diya
    Kisee Ne Chalo Dushmanee The Hagar
    Ise dosatee nam kyo de diya
    माई समाजा नही ऐ मात्र ह्यूमनश
    साजा ये मीली है, मुज किसलिये
    कुंजी सैये ने प्रयोगशाला से मात्र छिनाकर
    Kisee और ko jam kyo de diya
    Mujhe Kya Pata Tha Kabhee ISHK ME
    Rakibo Ko Katib Banate Nhehee
    खता हो गेई मुजसे कटिब मात्र
    Tere Hath Paigam Kyo de diya
    खुदाया याहा तेरे इंसफ कुंजी
    बहोत मेन चारचे सुने हैन मगर
    साजा की जाघ येक खतवार को
    भाला ट्यून इनाम कायो डी दीया

    About the movie – Devar

    Baharo Ne Meraa Chaman Lutakar  (By: Mukesh)

    Shankar Rai alias Bhola lives a wealthy lifestyle, is fond of hunting, not very interested in learning English, and has a close friend in Banwariya alias Madhumati. She re-locates to live elsewhere and he grows up with his family, which includes his father Diwan Jaswant; mother; and maternal cousin, Suresh, who is older by about six months. Since both are of marriageable age, a marriage broker, Ram Bharose, arranges Shankar and Suresh’s marriage with none other than Madhumati, the sister of Advocate Gopinath; and Shanta, the daughter of retired Magistrate Thakur Mahendra Singh, respectively. Following tradition of not permitting couples to meet each other, the duo switch places to meet and approve of the to-be brides. While Shankar approves of Shanta, Suresh falls head-over-heels in love with Madhumati and creates circumstances that compel her to marry him, while Shanta marries Shankar. While Madhumati and Suresh settle down in a harmonious relationship, Shanta is shocked to find that her husband cannot read nor write English, and leaves him. Shankar is persuaded to bring her back, but while doing so, is humiliated by her and her father. He then starts to self-destruct after he finds out that Banwariya is none other than Madhumati.