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Ek Din Bik Jayega Matee Ke Mol Song Lyrics – Mukesh

    Ek Din Bik Jayega Matee Ke Mol (By: Mukesh)

    From the movie – Dharam Karam

    Ek Din Bik Jayega Matee Ke Mol Song Lyrics in English

    Ek din bik jayega, matee ke mol
    Jag me reh jayenge pyare tere bol
    Duje ke hotho ko dekar apne git
    Koyee nishanee chhod, phir duniya se dol
    Ek din…

    Anhonee path me kante lakh bichaye
    Honee toh phir bhee bichhda yar milaye
    Yeh birha yeh duree, do pal kee majburee
    Phir koyee dilwala kahe ko ghabraye taram pam…
    Dhara jo behtee hai milke rehtee hai
    Behtee chara ban ja phir duniya se dol
    Ek din…

    Parde ke pichhe baithee sanval goree
    Tham ke tere mere man kee doree
    Yeh doree naa chhute, yeh bandhan naa tute
    Bhor hone walee hai abb raina hai thodee
    Taram pam…
    Sar ko jhukaye tu baitha kya hai yar
    Goree se naina jod phir duniya se dol
    Ek din…

    Ek Din Bik Jayega Matee Ke Mol Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    एक दीन बिक जयगा, मैट के मोल
    Jag me reg jayenge pyare tere bol
    डुजे के होथो को डकर एने गिट
    Koyee निशाने छोड, Phir Duniya Se Dol
    एक दीन …
    Anhonee Path Me Kante Lakh Bichaye
    होनी तोह फिर भी बिछदा यार मिलाय
    ये बिरहा ये दुरी, डो पाल की माजबुरी
    Phir Koyee Dilwala Kahe Ko Ghabraye Taram PAM …
    धारा जो बेहता है मिल्के रेहती है
    Behtee Chara Ban Ja Phir Duniya Se Dol
    एक दीन …
    परदे के पिची बैथी संवत गोरे
    थम के तेरे मात्र मैन की डोरी
    ये डोरे ना छी, ये बंधन ना ट्यूट
    भोर होन वेल है अबी रैना है थोडी
    ताराम पाम …
    एसएआर को झुके तु रहना के हैई यार
    गोरी से नैना जोद फिर डुनीया एसई डॉल
    एक दीन …

    About the movie – Dharam Karam

    Ek Din Bik Jayega Matee Ke Mol  (By: Mukesh)

    Shankar is a hoodlum who lives in a shanty hut with his pregnant wife, Kanta, and makes a living as a career criminal. He prays to Lord Shiv that if he is blessed with a male child, he will ensure that the child does not take to his path, but instead grows up to a decent and honest human being. His wife does give birth to a baby boy, and Shankar loots the ill-gotten gains of another hoodlum named J.K.. A furious J.K. hunts down Shankar in an attempt to abduct his son, but Shankar takes his child and switches him with one belonging to renowned stage artist, Ashok Kumar. Shankar gets into a scuffle with J.K. and his men, killing one of them, getting arrested, tried in Court, and being sentenced to 14 years in jail. Kanta passes away, while Dharam is left in the care of a wrestler, Bhim Singh, and a mid-wife, Ganga. Dharam is taught to be a hoodlum, but wants to focus on becoming a singer, while Ranjit has taken to alcohol, gambling, and a life of crime under J.K. himself. After his discharge, Shankar finds to his delight out that Ashok has brought up Ranjit and both are stage actors. Then his world descends into chaos when he finds out that Ranjit is in fact Dharam, while his very son, Ranjit has taken to a life of crime. Angered at Dharam, he beats him up and asks him to be a hoodlum like himself, he also beats up Ranjit and asks him to obey Ashok and follow in his footsteps. Watch as things spiral out of control when a vengeful J.K. abducts Shankar and holds him hostage – the ransom – the dead body of Ashok – at any and all costs – and the person chosen to carry out this task is none other than Dharam!!