Aa Mere Ranjhana Song Lyrics – Ruksat Kaa Hai Sama


Aa Mere Ranjhana, Ruksat Kaa Hai Sama (By: Lata Mangeshkar)

From the movie – Heer

Aa Mere Ranjhana Song Lyrics in English

(Aa mere ranjhana, ruksat kaa hai sama
Aankho me dam hai, labon pe ruki hai jan) – (2)

? nagamo se bhee saja (sada), abb meraa karavan chala – (2)
Aa bhee ja tere kadamo pe var du, yeh jane naa sama
Aa mere ranjhana

Sun meree aakhiri khata ?, rukane lagee meree juban – (2)
Khatam hone ko hai abb jahan se ulafat kee dastan
Aa mere ranjhana

Aa Mere Ranjhana Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

(एए मात्र रंजना, रुक्सत का है सामा
Aankho Me Dam Hai, Labon Pe Ruki Hai Jan) – (2)
? नागामो से भी साजा (सादा), अब्ब मीरा करवन चाला – (2)
Aaheh ja tere kadamo pe var du, ये जेन ना सामा
एए मात्र रंजीना
सन मेरी आर्शिरी खाता?, रुकने लगी मेरी जुबन – (2)
खटम होन को है अब्ब जहां से उलफत की दशान
एए मात्र रंजीना

About the movie – Heer

Heer is the story of two lovers, after the mythical Punjabi legend of Heer and Ranjhna. It tells their thwarted love, and how beautiful Heer and intrepid Ranjhna must fight to reunite in spite of obstacles and enemies. The two lovers belong to opposing tribes/families and villains are out and out to separate them. During a fair where her champion has been tricked, Heer is promised to somebody of her clan. The defeated hero wonders in the wilderness and meets with witches who direct him to his beloved. In spite of having fallen from princehood to beggarhood, he thus gets back to her, and they hope to marry, but Ranjhna’s enemies are still looking for him, and they stalk him. A trap is laid to capture Ranjhna and to stop any further common plan, Heer is married to her rightful suitor. She plans suicide, but Ranjhna arrives, he tries to drag her away, but he’s seen in her apartments and therefore she’s declared impure and is condemned to the dungeons. The marriage takes place, in spite of Heer’s will. Time passes; Ranjhna the wanderer has become a yogi and winds his way again to Heer’s home. She’s almost dead, but when she hears of him, she rises and meets him. But she’s been too long deprived of him, and has lost her mind: she doesn’t recognize him. Shocked, she lies down to die. A plan is organized to join the star-crossed lovers: Ranjhna declares he must take Heer to his hermitage in order to pray and revive her. The plan works thanks to a sister in law: Ranjhna prays and Heer resurrects. But again the pair’s enemies catch them, and once more they are separated, and brought in front of the judge, who gives Heer to her lawful husband. She is dragged out, but during her convoy, her own prayer brings fire down on the city, and this proves to the King that she was wrongfully married. Alas, this won’t prove good, and Heer’s relatives rig another plan to doom her and her lover. She is told to sacrifice herself to save her father, whose house is attacked by a mob of angry and manipulated villagers. This time Ranjhna arrives too late, and can only hold in his arms the poisoned heroine.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0357736/