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Lata Mangeshkar

Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyri Chadhaibo (bhojpuri-film)

He Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

    He Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari from movie Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyri Chadhaibo (bhojpuri-film) – Murder interferes with a couple’s wedding night when the groom dies mysteriously. Eventually, the widow, Sumitri, finds love again, but faces obstacles from society and, possibly, the killer.

    Heera Moti

    Nach Re Dharatee Ke Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

      Nach Re Dharatee Ke from movie Heera Moti – Based in Vikrampur village, Dhuri lives an impoverished lifestyle along with his wife, Razia, and a sister, Champa. He is a farmer, owns a small piece of land and two oxen, Heera and Moti. He hopes to get Champa married to a fellow farmer by the name of Pashupati. He lends his oxen to Roopnandan who enters them in a race and they win much to the chagrin of the Zamindar who sends his agent, Bansilal Mehta with Rs.100/- to acquire the oxen. When Razia refuses to sell, an enraged Zamindar sets the entire community against Dhuri and his family – blacklisting as well as pitting Pashupati against him. When Dhuri approaches the Panchayat – he will soon learn that the ‘Parmeshwar’ is missing from the ‘Panch’ as it is being controlled and manipulated by the Zamindar; his oxen will not only go missing but he will have his land taken away – leaving him with no option but to re-locate elsewhere.

      Hum Aapke Hain Kaun

      Jute De Do Paise Lelo Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

        Jute De Do Paise Lelo from movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun – Prem, a top student, is learning the ropes of business under his elder brother Rajesh and his uncle Kailashnath, a big industrialist. In another town, Nisha is studying computer science and is the darling of her elder sister, Pooja, and her parents, Professor Choudhry and Kamladevi. Fate brings the two families together and this results in the the betrothal of Rajesh and Pooja. At the wedding, Prem meets Nisha and falls in love with this carefree woman. With Pooja as the woman of the house, joy knows no bounds in Prem’s family. Months pass by and Pooja becomes pregnant. Nisha is invited to come and stay with her sister and attend the traditional function before the child’s birth. Nisha’s arrival is like a dream come true for Prem. Nisha stays there until the birth of the child, taking over the household chores, and becoming very much a part of the family. In soft whispers, Prem and Nisha commit their love for each other and secretly dream of spending a lifetime together. Then fate strikes a cruel blow when Pooja dies after a sudden fall down a flight of stairs. Because of this tragedy, life in the house comes to a standstill. Rajesh worries about the future of his motherless child, and it causes his health to deteriorate. Nisha’s father suggests that Nisha should get married to Rajesh and become the mother of Pooja’s child. Prem and Nisha decide to sacrifice their love for the sake of the family. Fate intervenes once again when Rajesh comes to know the truth behind Prem and Nisha’s sacrifice. Putting his child into Nisha’s arms, Rajesh unites and blesses the two lovers, whose hearts long to belong together.

        God Mother

        Matee Re Matee Re Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

          Matee Re Matee Re from movie God Mother – When an imminent drought threatens to ruin their crop, Rambhi and her husband Veeru move from their village to the city. Through threat, violence and blackmail, Veeru makes a career as a kind of mafia don in the corrupt political system, but it turns out he is no more than a puppet of an influential lawyer who has him killed when Veeru decides not to kill any more. The lawyer thinks he can turn Rambhi into yet another puppet of his plans, but she strikes back, taking revenge for her husband’s murder and fighting the corrupt political system until she becomes a veritable mafia Godmother herself.

          Hanste Zakhm

          Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Song Lyrics – Toh Yeh Lagta Hai

            Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho from movie Hanste Zakhm – Somesh lives a very wealthy lifestyle with businessman dad, Banwari, and housewife mom. His dad runs a bank, Canara Bank, and wants Somesh to take an active interest in helping him, Somesh spends all his time drinking alcohol, womanizing, and at the races. When Banwari asks Somesh to marry Rekha Mahendru, his friend’s, Superintendent of Police, Dinanath’s daughter, Somesh not only refuses but quarrels and leaves. Several weeks later, Somesh is apprehended by the police smoking cocaine and is brought back home. His father apologizes to him, and tells him that he will not force him to marry Rekha. Banwari wants to throw a big party on the bank’s anniversary, and asks Somesh to invite all his new-found friends and taxi-drivers from the slums, who he had been living with when he ran away from home. That night a number of well-dressed dignitaries arrive for the party, so do Somesh’s poor friends. His father wants to make an announcement about Somesh’s forthcoming engagement to Rekha until a woman named Chanda shows up. Somesh is in with love with Chanda and will not marry anyone else but her. The only problem is that Chanda is a highly paid prostitute and may have snared Somesh with her charms merely to get to his wealth. Watch what happens when Banwari decides to disown Somesh, leaving him penniless.

            Aayi Bhor Suhani Aayi Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

              Aayi Bhor Suhani Aayi from movie Beqasoor – Sunil Verma works as an Assistant with Professor Jagmohan Sinha, a Scientist. After Jagmohan conducts a successful experiment, which will benefit India, there is an accident and Sunil loses his vision. Jagmohan, his daughter, Varsha, and her finance, Dr. Anand Bhatnagar, undertake to look after Sunil and make a number of efforts to restore his sight – all in vain. Then Jagmohan gets abducted, and his kidnappers want the formula so that they could sell it to other countries for a profit. The Police Commissioner assigns this matter Inspectors Ajit and Shekhar, who meet with Sunil, Varsha and Anand. Then three homicides take place, that of Khatri, his wife, and Deepa, Anand’s Secretary. Both Ajit and Shekhar suspect Anand, and accordingly confront him, but he denies any involvement in these killings. The question remains: Who killed these three, and will Jagmohan be ever found alive.