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Hamne Dekha Pyar Me Song Lyrics – Do Naino Kee Mar Me

Hamne Dekha Pyar Me from movie Guest House – Christopher goes to meet a woman at a remote guest house for exorcism wearing a expensive diamond ring he gets murdered that night for the ring and his hand is brutally chopped off,The hand then returns for revenge.

Sachhi Baate Batane Me Song Lyrics – Geeta Dutt

Sachhi Baate Batane Me from movie Adaa – Mumbai-based Professor Anil Anand co-operates with the Police and despite of warnings from a gangster, decides to appear as a witness. Before he could do so, he is killed, leaving behind his wife, Amina, to bring up their son, Ayaan, on her own. Years later, Ayaan has grown up, respects his mother, and is a devout Muslim, who is in love with Borivali-based aspiring model, Gul, who he hopes to marry soon. But Gul does not know that Ayaan is a hit-man for a gangster named Akram, and will soon confront Ayaan about her knowledge, while he, himself, has to deal with his father’s killer(s).

Ai Dil Mujhe Bata De Song Lyrics – Geeta Dutt

Ai Dil Mujhe Bata De from movie Bhai Bhai (1956) – Widowed Dayashankar is a businessman who lives in Madras with his two school-going sons, Raj and Ashok. One day he catches Raj stealing some money from his vault, he beats him, locks him in a room, and threatens to cut off his fingers. A terrified Raj breaks the window and runs away, never to be heard of again. Ashok goes on to take over his dad’s business, Superior Motors, which also has a branch in Bombay; gets married to Laxmi, and soon has son named Munna. One day Ashok must travel to Bombay to meet with Bulbul, the Branch Manager, to discuss business. Laxmi and Munna see him off. Then several days later, Ashok returns home and he is not the same loving husband and father anymore. He decides to sell the business, has nothing to do with Munna and Laxmi, and asks them to take some money, while he returns to Bombay. Laxmi and Munna follow him to Bombay, but are unable to locate him. They are befriended by a petty thief and pickpocket by the name of Raja, who lives with a young street dancer named Rani and her dad, Baba. When Baba finds out that Laxmi may be related to Raja and that Munna may be their child, he asks them to leave the house. Raja then takes them to Ashok, and to Laxmi’s shock she finds her once-loving husband living with another woman, much younger and prettier, by the name of Sangita. Watch what happens when Sangita asks Laxmi to be the maidservant, and Ashok refuses to recognize his wife and child.

Khayalo Mein Kisi Ke Song Lyrics – Mukesh

Khayalo Mein Kisi Ke from movie Baanwre Nain – Chand lives in a small rural town in India. He is unable to pay the rent, and his landlord evicts him. He re-locates to another town and meets with a young woman named Tara. Both are attracted to each other. Chand is unable to secure employment in this town, and moves elsewhere. Tara waits for several months, but does not hear anything from him. So she decides to go and look for him, hoping to re-kindle her love. She is shocked and surprised to find him with an attractive woman named Rajni, who claims that Chand is her betrothed and both are to get married soon.

Kamata Hu Bahut Kuch Par Song Lyrics – Geeta Dutt

Kamata Hu Bahut Kuch Par from movie Adhikar (1954) – Shekhar, Lata and their child, Shashi, live in a small town, and have just received news that he is going to be transferred to Bombay. The couple leave Shashi with their maid and attend a party but return home to find the building in flames. Lata rescues Shashi but perishes due to numerous burns. A sorrowful Shekhar leaves his daughter with her maternal grandparents and re-locates to Bombay where he rents a room from parsimonious Radhakishen. After thwarting attempts by the later to marry his senile sister, Yashodhara, he falls in love with wealthy Usha, and the duo subsequently get married. After a short span of harmony, the duo face challenges when she finds out that he had never told her about Lata and Shashi, and leaves him. The question remains: How will Shekhar deal with this separation?