Tu Iss Tarah Se Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Aap Toh Aaise Na The movie

Tu Iss Tarah Se (HD) | Aap To Aise Na The (1980) Song | Ranjeeta Kaur | Raj Babbar | Deepak Parashar

Tu Iss Tarah Se Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Aap Toh Aaise Na The

tu is tarah se meree jindagee mein shaamil hain

you’re mingled in my life such a harmoniously,

jahaan bhee jaaoo ye lagataa hain teree mahafil hain

wherever I go, it seems that only your assembly is everywhere,

ye aasamaan ye baadal ye raasate ye hawaa

this wide sky, this dark cloud, these paths, this breez,

har yek cheej hain apanee jagah thhikaane se

everything is at their respective states, pretty well,

kaee dinon se shikaayat naheen jamaane se

there is no lamentations towards the world, nowadays,

ye jindagee hain safar, too safar kee manjil hain

the life is a journey, and you’re the destination of this journey,

tere bagair jahaan mein koee kamee see thee

without you, there was certain kinda hollow absence in the world,

bhatak rahee thee jawaanee andheree raahon mein

my youth was wandering in the benighted dark paths,

sukoon dil ko milaa, aake teree baahon mein

now, after coming to your embrace, I’ve procured restness for my heart,

main ik khoyee huyee mauj hoo, too saahil hain

I’m nothing but a lost tide, and you’re the ocean,

tere jamaal se roshan hain kaayanaat meree

my whole world is shone with your beauty,

meree talaash teree dilakashee rahe baakee

may, my search, your enticement , be there forever,

khudaa kare ke ye diwaanagee rahe baakee

may it be God’s will, that my madness be there forever,

teree wafaa hee meree har khushee kaa hasil hain

your fidelity is the source of my each and every happiness,

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