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Aaj Ka Kya Program Hai Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Raju Chacha movie

    Aaj Ka Kya Program Hai Full Video - Raju Chacha|Ajay Devgan,Kajol|Abhijeet,Sudesh Bhosle

    Aaj Ka Kya Program Hai Song Lyrics and Translation

    From the movie – Raju Chacha

    ek kal jo chala gaya

    The yesterday that is gone

    voh chala gaya nahin aayega

    it is gone, it will never come back

    ek kal jo aaya nahin

    The tomorrow that has not come

    jab aayega dekha jaayega

    when it comes, it will be seen

    aaj ka din bas apna hai

    Only this very day is ours;

    baaki sab kuchh sapna hai

    the rest is just a dream

    aaj ka kya prograam hai

    What’s the schedule for today?

    chhutti hai ya kaam hai

    Is it a holiday, or work?

    aaj aaj to kaam hi kaam hai

    Today, today is work and work

    tum ko skuul jaana hai

    You must go to school

    tum ko khaana banaana hai

    You must make food

    mujh ko khaana khaana hai

    I have to eat food

    ham ko pikchar jaana hai

    We have to go to a movie

    pikchar nahin tumko

    You don’t have to go to a movie

    aafis jaana hai

    You have to go to the office

    jo marzi sarkaar ki

    As you wish, boss;

    banda to gulaam hai

    I am simply a slave

    lekin tum haan kar do to saara intazaam hai

    But if you agree, all the arrangements are made

    vaise aaj ka kya prograam hai

    Anyway, what’s today’s schedule?

    kahaan ki ye taiyaari hai

    Where are these preparations for?

    saat baje ki gaaDi hai

    For the seven o’clock train

    kya koi khat aaya hai

    Has some letter come?

    ghar vaapas mujhe bulaaya hai

    I’ve been called back home

    yeh to saaf bahaana hai

    This is a blatant pretext

    chhodo mukhjo jaana hai

    Let me go; I have to leave

    abhi abhi postmain yeh teligraam laaya hai

    The postman has just brought a telegram

    par is teligraam pe to aur kisi ka naam hai

    But on this telegram is someone else’s name!



    aaj ka kya prograam hai

    What’s today’s schedule?

    ghar se zara nikalte hain

    Let’s just get out of the house

    chalo piknik par chalte hain

    Come, let’s go on a picnic

    inke muud ko zara badalte hain

    Let’s change the mood a bit

    ji sachche saathi haate hain

    True soulmates

    saath mein hansate rote hain

    laugh and cry together

    itna bada hai jag saara

    In this great wide world,

    bolo sabse kya pyaara

    tell me what is most precious

    sabse pyaara

    Most precious

    sabse pyaari main

    I am most precious!

    sabse pyaara duniya mein

    In this world, the most precious thing

    pyaar ka hi naam hai

    is called love

    pyaar agar mil jaaye to

    If you find love,

    pyaar hi inaam hai

    your reward is love

    About the movie – Raju Chacha

    Aaj Ka Kya Program Hai Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning - Raju Chacha movie

    Raju is hired to pose as uncle to three orphaned kids in order to usurp their inheritance. But he changes his mind after falling in love with their governess and decides to fight the greedy relatives.