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10 Best Prateek Kuhad Songs and Lyrics

    Let me start off by saying that this is an unordered list. To rank a Prateek Kuhad song would be unfair. Each song is beautiful in their own right and evokes a different emotion. Prateek Kuhad has become a bit overrated and mainstream recently but he does have a number of beautiful and soulful songs and this post is dedicated towards appreciating those songs.

    In India especially, Indie music is really unappreciated and Prateek Kuhad is one of those rare talents that come along once in a while and give us a window into the indie world. This could hopefully be a starting point for many who will then dive into the beautiful world of indie music and get exposed to really good, unadulterated world Indian music unlike the sham that mainstream Indian music is, here I am referring particularly to Bollywood music.

    Let us get started.

    1. Tune Kaha

    Released in 2016, this beautiful song from prateek kuhad makes you want to sit and reminisce about a past love or your current. It is difficult to choose any one section of the song as the entire song is just pure soul soothing beauty. However, if hard pressed to choose, then these are the top two.

    Tere hawale hai yeh zindagi meri
    (I hand over my entire life to you)
    Tere ujale se sab raahe hain yaha
    (You are the bright light which lights up all the paths)
    Apne naseeb ka mai badshah nahi
    (I am not the master of my destiny)
    Tu meri shaam hain Tu hi meri subah
    (Your are my evenings and you are my mornings as well)
    Taaro ki roshani ne dikhaya raasta
    (The light from the stars have shown me the path)
    Par mai mukal gaya tu sath joh yahi
    (But I didn’t follow them since you’re already here with me)

    See full lyrics here.

    2. Kasoor

    The next song is his latest track – Kasoor. Another beautiful song just like the rest of the songs on the list.

    Teri Sanson Ki Raat Hai,
    (The nights end with your breath)
    Teri Honton Ki Hai Subha,
    (The days begin with your lovely face)
    Yahna Kho Bhi Jaun Toh Mein,
    (If I do get lost in them)
    Kya Kasoor Hai Mera,
    (What is my fault in that?)
    Kya Kasur Hai Mera.
    (What is my fault in that?)

    See full lyrics here.

    3. Cold Mess

    One of the more famous and mainstream songs of this Indie Artist.

    On 30 December 2019, Prateek’s song cold/mess was featured on former president of the United States Barack Obama’s “Favourite Music of 2019” list instantly boosting his popularity.

    The music video is also a deep and insightful one starring Jim Sarbh and Zoya Hussain.

    I wish I could leave you my love
    But my heart is a mess
    My days they begin with your name
    And nights end with your breath
    With your breath

    See full lyrics here.

    4. Tum Jab Paas

    Another one of the more popular songs of Prateek Kuhad. This song has a beautiful vibe that cannot be expressed in words. The best I could do is to say it makes you feel like you are falling in love for the first time. A song that can make you feel that way is truly beautiful and it is accompanied by a beautiful music video as well. That is why there are three quotes from this song.

    Tum jab paas aati ho
    (Whenever you come closer)
    Palko se muskurati ho
    (and smile with eyes)
    Havaaye bhi gungunati hai
    (The winds also begin to hum)
    Tum jab paas aati ho
    (Whenever you come closer)
    Kho jaane ki zidd na karo
    (Don’t insist on being lost)
    Khwaaish hai ye dil ki
    (This is the longing of the heart)
    Raaho ko nazar mei rakho
    (Keep track of the path)

    See full lyrics here.

    5. Into the night

    This music video once again stars our favourite couple Jim Sarbh and Zoya Hussain. This beautiful song complemented beautifully by the music video made completely from spare footage from cold mess can tug at your heartstrings like no other.

    It was love before I even held your hand
    It was love and I could tell that I was weak in the knees
    and so we danced our time away, into the night

    See full lyrics here.

    6. 100 words

    Released in 2018 and from the cold/mess album.

    Do you have a 100 words for me?
    ‘Cause I have only three

    See full lyrics here.

    7. Cold Shoulder

    A beautiful song from Prateeks Kuhad’s Debut Album – In Tokens and Charms. This song just makes you want to sway with the breeze and let go of your surroundings and get lost in his soulful voice.

    How did you perceive me
    How did you complete me
    Cold shoulders apart
    Sway into my arms
    Slip into my heart

    See full lyrics here.

    8. Yeh Pal

    Released in 2013 in his EP – Raat Raazi.

    Labon pe jo bhi ho
    (What ever is there to say on your lips)
    Keh bhi do thehra hoon main
    (Tell me, I am waiting)
    Ye dil ki baaton ko
    (Whatever matters of the heart there are to be discussed)
    Roko na thehra hoon main
    (Do not postpone, I am waiting)

    See full lyrics here.

    9. Voh

    A more faced paced song from Prateek Kuhad compared to his usual, slower more soulful songs.

    Meri khwabo ko banaaye jo
    (The one who makes my dreams sweeter)
    Meri haqeekat ko sajaaye jo
    (The one who makes my reality better)
    Jaane kahaan hai voh
    (I wonder where is she?)

    See full lyrics here.

    10. Raat Raazi

    In 2013, he released his first EP (Extended Play) titled “Raat Raazi” and this beautiful song is rightly the title track of this album.

    Andhere ka ye jaal hai
    (Is this a trap of the night?)
    Ya saanjh ki ye chaal hai
    (Or a trick of the evening?)
    Ye aaina bekaar hai
    (This mirror is useless)
    Main kon hoon ye raaz hai
    (Who am I? This is a mystery…)

    See full lyrics here.