Musafir Jaane Waale Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Gadar movie

Gadar - Musafir Jaane Wale - Full Video | Sunny Deol , Ameesha Patel | Udit Narayan , Preeti Uttam

Musafir Jaane Waale Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Gadar

Musafir Jaane Waale

Traveller going away

Musafir Jaane Waale Nahin Phir Aane Waale

Traveller going away , never to come back again

Chalo Ek Doosre Ko Kare Rab De Hawale

Lets give each other to God (for safekeeping)

Badi Mushkil Se Dil Mein Apne

With great difficulties in their heart

Log Basate Hain Kuch Sapne

People house some dreams

Yeh Sapne Shishe Ke Khilone

These dreams are toys of glass

Toot Ke Bas Lagte Hai Rone

They break and start to cry

Dilo Pe Chaajaate Hai

Over the heart gather

Yeh Badal Kaale Kaale

These clouds black black


Oh Dariyaan De Paaniya

Oh water of the river

Yeh Moja Phir Nahi Aaniya

These fun times are not going to come again

Yaad Aayengi Oh Yaad Aayengi

Memories will come , oh memories will come

Bas Jaane Walo Ki Kahaniya

The stories of those who have gone away


Na Jaane Kya Choot Raha Hai

Dont know what is departing

Oh Na Jaane Kya Choot Raha Hai

I am loosing over something

Dil Mein Bas Kuch Tut Raha Hai

Something is breaking in the heart

Hoton Par Nahin Koi Kahani

On the lips there is no story

Phir Bhi Aankhen Mein Aagaya Pani

Even so there are tears in the eyes

Nahi Hum Bhoolne Wale

Never will we forget

About the movie – Gadar

Set during the Partition of India in 1947, a Sikh truck driver falls in love with a Muslim girl belonging to an aristocratic family.