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Hey Govind Hey Gopal (Album)

Gautam Govinda

Dinan Dukh Haran Dev Santan Hitakaree Song Lyrics – Jagjit Singh

    Dinan Dukh Haran Dev Santan Hitakaree from movie Hey Govind Hey Gopal (Album) – Impressed with the dedication shown by Police Inspector Gautam, the Commissioner of Police assigns him to police a lawless town, which is over-run by criminals, and where no police officer has survived for more than a few days. Gautam accepts this assignment, and travels to this town. He finds the town is indeed over-run by criminals, and ruled over by arrogant and aristocratic Dharamdutt. When Dharamdutt comes to know about Gautam, he asks his personal hit-man to get rid of him. The personal hit-man is none other than Govinda – a man who has never been beaten by anyone.