Yaree Ho Gayee Yar Sey Lak Tunu Tunu Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar


Yaree Ho Gayee Yar Sey Lak Tunu Tunu (By: Lata Mangeshkar)

From the movie – Do Chor

Yaree Ho Gayee Yar Sey Lak Tunu Tunu Song Lyrics in English

Yaree ho gayee – (2)
Yaree ho gayee yar sey lak tunu tunu
Pyar ko kam kya jhuthe sansar sey
Yaree ho gayee……..

Os me bhige bhige aakash ke tale
Janey ham jal jana lagakar yar ke sine sey
Ho chur thakan sey hoke jab sans naa chale
Hamko jivan mil jata hai jahar ke pine sey
Jite hai pyar sey marate hai pyar sey
Han yaree ho gayee………

Dharam sada apna toh hansana bolana
Lukana chhupana kya janey ham hod me aanchal kee
Ho karam sada apna toh khulake dolana
Laharatee bainya hain aur yeh tal hai payal kee
Gunjatee har galee prem jhankar sey
Han yaree ho gayee…….

Yaree Ho Gayee Yar Sey Lak Tunu Tunu Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

यारी हो गेई – (2)
यारी हो गेई यार सेवाई लाक ट्यूनु ट्यूनु
प्यार को कामो झथे संसार एसईवाई
यारी हो गेई ……..
ओएस मुझे भिगे भिगे आकाश के कथा
जेनी हैम जल जना लागकर यार के साइन एसईवाई
हो चुर ठाकन सी होक जब शंस ना शैल
हम्को जिनान मिल जाटा है जहर के पाइन एसवाई
जेट है प्यार सेई मराट है प्यार स्वर
हान यारी हो गेई ………
धर्म सदादा ताना तोह हंसाना बोलाना
लुकाना छपाना के जेनी हैम होड मी आंचल की
हो करम सदादा अपना तह खूलेक डॉलाना
लाहारेटे बैन्या है और ये तल है पायल की
Gunjatee हर Galee Prem Jhankar Sey
हान यारी हो गेई …….

About the movie – Do Chor

Bombay Police are baffled at a series of robberies being committed in homes of prominent people, with the thief leaving a “swastika”, and stealing only one set of jewelery, instead of everything in the safe. Their investigation takes them to bring-in a notorious burglar, Tony, who denies having anything to do with these robberies. Then one day when Tony is at the site of a robbery, he spots another male, in the process of robbing the safe, and assists him. He follows him home, and comes to know that his name is Bob, and he has a pretty sister by the name of Sandhya, who he falls in love with. Meanwhile the police are able to piece together a connection between the victims and the robber, and conclude that the victims have at one time been partners of an organization called Swastika. Then begins a manhunt unprecedented in Bombay’s criminal history – and the two on the run are none other than Tony and his new-found girlfriend/partner, Sandhya, not knowing that they are all pawns of a criminal master-mind who will kill anyone who gets in his way.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0284056/