Yad Naa Kar Dile Hajin Song Lyrics – Surendra Nath

Deccan Queen 1936 : Yaad Na Kar Dile Hazin : Surendra : Md Pransukh Nayak Gadgil : L Zia Sarhadi

Yad Naa Kar Dile Hajin (By: Surendra Nath)

From the movie – Deccan Queen

Yad Naa Kar Dile Hajin Song Lyrics in English

Yad naa kar dile hajin bhulee huyee kahaniya
Yar kee bazme naj me gujaree huyee javaniya

Teree bala me janeja rote hain ham toh kya huwa
Ishk me yun hee besuku katatee hain jindganiya

Aapko mujhase ishk tha isaliye aap chup rahe
Kahatee rahee dabee juban aapkee bejubaniya

Yad Naa Kar Dile Hajin Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

याद ना कर डाइल हजिन भुली हुई कहानी
यार की Bazme Naj Me Gujaree Huyee Javaniya
तेरी बाला मी जनेजा रोटे हैहम तोह काय हुवा
Ishk me yun hee busku katatee hain jindganiya
Apko mujhase ishk tha isaliye ap chup rahe
Kahatee Rahee Dabee Juban Aapkee Bejubaniya

About the movie – Deccan Queen

A full-scale stunt movie. The crooked trustees of Lala Niranjamal’s estate try to eliminate its two heirs: the daughter (Aruna Devi) is jailed and the son becomes a penniless wanderer. When released, the daughter becomes the mysterious Deccan Queen, nemesis of evildoers. The plot gets complicated when a clerk in an insurance company, Vrinda (Aruna Devi again) , turns out to be the wanted woman’s double. Vrinda falls in love with Inspector Suresh (Surendra), but then later so does the Deccan Queen. The triangle takes unusual turns when the queen impersonates Vrinda and demands that Suresh marry her at once.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0231432/