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Geet (1970)

Tere Naina Kyon Bhar Aaye (II) |Mahendra Kapoor | Geet 1970 Songs | Rajendra Kumar

Tere Naina Kyon Bhar Aaye (By: Mahendra Kapoor)

From the movie – Geet (1970)

Tere Naina Kyon Bhar Aaye Song Lyrics in English

Tere naina kyon bhar aaye, woh hai sabka rakhvala
Tu kahe ko ghabraye, tere naina kyon…….

Yeh aansu aur yeh dukh sare le ja prabhu ke dware
Woh hee tutee aas bandhaye bigade kaj sanvare
Dvar se uske koyee khalee hath naa vapas jaye
Tere naina kyon…….

Jivan kee yeh dhup chhanv sab hai khel tamasha
Man se aankh michaulee khele aasha aur nirasha
Aaj hai dukh toh kal sukh hoga kahe nir bahaye
Tere naina kyon…….

Tere Naina Kyon Bhar Aaye Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

तेरे नैना क्योन भार आयर, वो हा सबका रखवाला
Tu Kahe Ko Ghabraye, Tere Naina Kyon …….
ये आंसु और ये दुख सरे ले जा प्रभु के डॉक्स
वो हे तुती सौ बंदेय बिगडे काज सनवर
DVAR Se Uske Koyee Khalee Naa Vapas Jaye
तेरे नैना केन …….
जिवन की ये धुप चहानव एसएबी है खेल तमाशा
मैन से ऐंह मिचली खेला आशा और निरशा
आज है दुख टोह कल सुख होगका नीर बहय
तेरे नैना केन …….

About the movie – Geet (1970)

Delhi-based Kamla lives a wealthy lifestyle along with her widower dad, Dindayal, and is a popular stage singer and dancer. She goes for a holiday in scenic Kulu, meets with flute-player and singer Sarju, and both fall in love with each other and both decide to get married. Kamla returns home and convinces her employer, Kunver Shamsher Singh, to let Sarju also sing on stage. Shortly thereafter Sarju and his sister, Janki, move in with them. Sarju is given a new look and name, Suraj Kumar, and soon Kamla and Suraj become a popular stage and singing pair. Kamla arranges for Janki’s marriage with Agra-based Ashok, while her dad also finalizes her very own marriage with Suraj on the same day. On the way back from Agra, Suraj’s has an accident, he does survive but is grievously injured. After he recuperates he finds he cannot speak due to a brain blood clot. Janki’s marriage takes place and she re-locates to Agra. But everything changes for Suraj as he shunned by everyone. Even Dindayal insults him, compelling him to re-locate to Kulu, but Kamla manages to pacify him. The next day Kamla is shocked to see her father lying lifeless and Suraj holding a bloodied knife. The question remains: What will Kamla do under these circumstances?

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065764/