Dil Meraa Tumharee Adaye Le Gayee Song Lyrics – Mohammad Rafi


Dil Mera Tumhari Adayen Le Gai - Sunil Dutt - Mumtaz - Gauri - Mohd Rafi - Ravi - Hindi Song

Dil Meraa Tumharee Adaye Le Gayee (By: Mohammad Rafi)

From the movie – Gauri

Dil Meraa Tumharee Adaye Le Gayee Song Lyrics in English

Dil meraa tumharee adaye le gayee – (2)
Dil chhin lene valee nigahe le gayee
Dil meraa tumharee…….

Mukhade pe giratee yeh julfen sanmbhaliye
Najuk hai dil meraa yu naa uchhaliye
Jan meree yeh katil jafaye le gayee
Dil meraa tumharee…….

Fasale bahar hai din hain shabab ke
Panv jamin par nahee padate janab ke
Bahare toh badhake balaye le gayee
Dil meraa tumharee…….

Bijalee girawoge ya fitane jagawoge
Ghabara ke meree hee banhon me aayoge
Yeh bajee toh meree duwaye le gayee
Dil meraa tumharee…….

Dil Meraa Tumharee Adaye Le Gayee Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

दिल मेरा तुम्हारा Adaye Le Gayee – (2)
दिल छिनी लीन वैली निगाहा ले गेई
दिल मेरा तुम्हारा …….
मुख़ाद पे Giratee ये Julfen Sanmbhaliye
नजुक है दिल मारा यू ना urchhaliye
जन मीर ये कैटिल जफाये ले गेई
दिल मेरा तुम्हारा …….
फेसेले बहार है दीन हन शबाब के
Panv Jamin Par Nhehee Padate जनब के
बहरे तोह बदहक बालेये ले गायी
दिल मेरा तुम्हारा …….
बिजाली Girawoge ya fitane jagawoge
घबारा के मेरी हे बनहोन मुझे अयोगे
ये Bajee Toh Meree Duwaye Le Gayee
दिल मेरा तुम्हारा …….

About the movie – Gauri

Orphaned Sanjeev lives with his comically parsimonious paternal uncle, Maniram, who offers to look after him on the condition that a contested Last Will and Testament, will benefit him. When the Court rules otherwise, Maniram stops all support for Sanjeev, who then borrows money from his close friend, Sunil, to complete his education. Then Maniram arranges Sanjeev’s marriage with a young woman named Gauri, the only daughter of millionaire Ram Prasad. Sanjeev agrees to this marriage, gets married, and thereafter leaves as he finds out that Gauri is blind. Maniram gets Sunil to convince Sanjeev to return to his wife, so Sunil and Sanjeev go on a hunting trip, where Sanjeev is attacked by an enraged elephant, thrown off a cliff, and believed to be dead. But he survives, and several months later, returns to Maniram’s house, where, to his horror, he finds that Sunil has taken over his identity and is now living with Gauri. Watch closely as an enraged Sanjeev decides to find out what really happened after his accident, and the circumstances that made Sunil live with Sanjeev’s wife.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0063003/