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Neend Mein Hai Song Lyrics – Shaan

Neend Mein Hai (By: Shaan)

From the movie – Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi

Neend Mein Hai Song Lyrics in English

Bala ka husn gajab ka, shabaab neend mein hai – (2)
Hai jism jaise gulista, gulaab neend mein hai

Use jaraasa bhi padh lo toh shaayari aa jaaye – (2)
Abhi ghajhal ki mukkamal kitaab neend mein hai – (2)

Machal rahi hai mere dil mein did ki hasrat – (2)
Woh daale chehare pe neela nakaab neend mein hain – (2)

Woh inkalaab uthaata hai leke angadaayi – (2)
Sawaal jaaga huwa hai jawaab neend mein hai – (2)

Neend Mein Hai Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

बाला का हुस्न गजब का, शाबाब नेेंड मीन है – (2)
है jism jaise gulista, सुलाब Neend Mein Hai
Jaraasa Bhi PADH LO TOH SHAAYARI AA JAYE का उपयोग करें – (2)
अभि गजल की मुक्कामल कटाब नेेंड मीन है – (2)
Machal Rahi hai mere mein ki hasrat – (2)
वो डेले चेहर पे नीला नाकाब नेेंड मीन हेन – (2)
वो इंकलाब उथता है लीके अंगदाययी – (2)
सावाल जागा हुवा है जवाब नेेंड मीन है – (2)

About the movie – Ek Vivaah… Aisa Bhi

Bhopal-based statuesque singing beauty, Chandni Shrivastava, falls in love with wealthy fellow-singer, Prem Ajmera. Her widowed dad, Bhushan, and his widowed mother both approve and they formally get engaged. Bhushan passes away suddenly and Chandni is unable to get married as there is no one to look after her much younger siblings, Anuj and Sandhya, and as a result the wedding gets postponed. She struggles to maintain the family by teaching music and continues to stay in touch with Prem. 12 years later, Anuj gets married to Natasha, and Chandni hopes to wed Prem, but things do terribly wrong when Natasha humiliates Prem and then decides to move out. Sandhya then demands that she re-locate to the U.S. to further her career, while Prem’s mom issues an ultimatum that she either marry Prem immediately or relieve him so that he can get married to someone else.

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1194608/