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Din Mahine Sal Gujarte Jayenge Song Lyrics – Kishore Kumar

    Din Mahine Saal Gujarte Jayenge | Avtaar | Rajesh Khanna Mp3 Song

    Din Mahine Sal Gujarte Jayenge (By: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar)

    From the movie – Avtaar

    Din Mahine Sal Gujarte Jayenge Song Lyrics in English

    Din mahine sal gujarte jayenge
    Ham pyar me jite pyar me marte jayenge
    Dekhenge, dekh lena – (2)
    Din mahine sal……
    Din mahine sal……

    Mat sharamao aa jao -2 meri banho me
    Dekho apani tasvir meri nigaho me
    Kya huwa gar kante hain apani raho me – (2)
    In raho me phul bikharate jayenge
    Ham pyar me jite………

    Tumako hamne man liya rab tum jano – (2)
    Ham yeh jane baki sab tum jano
    Kya kehna hai kya nahee yeh abb tum jano – (2)
    Tum jo kahoge ham woh karte jayenge
    Ham pyar me jite………

    Dukh sukh kaa sathi ha jee, ha jee tumhen banaya hai – (2)
    Hamne jiwan kaa sajhi ha jee tumhe banaya hai – (2)
    Dil kee naiya kaa majhi tumhe banaya hai – (2)
    Iss par se us par utarate jayenge
    Ham pyar me jite………

    Din Mahine Sal Gujarte Jayenge Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    दीन महिन साल गुजर्ट जयेंग
    Ham Pyar Me Jite Pyar Me Marte Jayenge
    Dekenge, अवकाश लेना – (2)
    दीन महिन साल ……
    दीन महिन साल ……
    Mat Sharamao Aa Jo -2 Meri Banho मुझे
    Dekho Apani Tasvir Meri Nigaho Me
    केई हुवा गार कांत है अयानी राहो मी – (2)
    राहो मी फुल बिखरात जयगे में
    Ham Pyar Me Jite ………
    तुमाको हमने मैन लिआ रब तुम जनओ – (2)
    हैम ये जेन बाकी सब तुम जनओ
    के केनना है किना नही ये अब्ब तुम जनओ – (2)
    तुम जो Kahoge Ham Woh Karte Jayenge
    Ham Pyar Me Jite ………
    दुख सुख का सती हा जे, हे जी तुमें बनया है – (2)
    हमने जिवान का साझी हा जे तुमे बनया है – (2)
    दिल की नैया का माजी तुमे बनया है – (2)
    Iss par se se usarate jayenge
    Ham Pyar Me Jite ………

    About the movie – Avtaar

    Din Mahine Sal Gujarte Jayenge  (By: Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar)

    Avtaar Krishen lives a poor lifestyle with his wife, Radha, and two sons, Ramesh and Chander. He works in a factory and toils hard so that his sons can get the necessary education, and live a better lifestyle. He gets injured and crippled while working, but is compensated adequately by his employer, Bawaji. Years later his sons have grown up. While Ramesh has married Sudha and works with a bank; Chander is wooing Renu, the only daughter of wealthy Seth Laxminarayan. When Avtaar and Radha wish to go on a tirathyatra (pilgrimage), they ask Ramesh to book tickets for them, but he tells them that he has no money. When Radha gets sick, their servant, Sewak, enters Sudha’s room to get some money for her treatment, as a result Radha does get treatment, but Sudha blames them for stealing her money. Avtaar asks Ramesh and his wife to get out, only to find out that the house is now in Sudha’s name. AVtaar, Radha and Sewak move out and live in a shanty hut. Their hopes are with Chander, who does well in his exams, decides to marry Renu, and moves out without financially assisting his parents. Now Avtaar and Radha are elderly and dependent on Sewak, and the question remains will they resign themselves to this existence, if not, what possibly can a crippled older male accomplish, especially at this time in his life?