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Kisiki Muskurahato Pe Ho Nisar Song Lyrics – Mukesh

    Kisi Ki Muskurahaton Pe Ho Nisar | Raj Kapoor | Anari | Mukesh | Evergreen Hindi Songs HD

    Kisiki Muskurahato Pe Ho Nisar (By: Mukesh)

    From the movie – Anari – 1959

    Kisiki Muskurahato Pe Ho Nisar Song Lyrics in English

    (Kisiki muskurahato pe ho nisar
    Kisika dard mil sake toh le udhar
    Kisike waste ho tere dil me pyar
    Jina isika nam hai) – (2)

    (Mana apni jeb se fakir hain
    Phir bhi yaro dil ke ham amir hain) – (2)
    Mite jo pyar ke liye woh jindgi, jale bahar ke liye woh jindgi
    Kisi ko ho naa ho hame toh aitbar, jina isika nam hai

    (Rishta dil se dil ke aitbar kaa
    Jinda hai hamin se nam pyar kaa) – (2)
    Ke mar ke bhi kisi ko yad aayenge, kisi ke aansuo me muskurayenge
    Kahega phul har kali se bar bar, jina issi kaa nam hai
    Kisiki muskurahato pe ho nisar………

    Kisiki Muskurahato Pe Ho Nisar Hindi Song Lyrics Translation

    (किसिकी मस्कुराहाटो पे हो निसार
    किसिका डार्ड मिलाने टोहे ले उधर
    किसीके कचरा हो तेरे दिल मुझे प्यार
    जिना इसिका नाम है) – (2)
    (मन एपनी जेब से फकीर हैन
    फिर भी यारो दिल के हैम अमीर हैन) – (2)
    माइट जो प्यार के लिय वह जिंदगी, जेल बहार के लिय वह जिंदगी
    Kisi Ko Ho Naa He Hame Toh Aitbar, Jina Isika Nam Hai
    (ऋषिता दिल से दिल के एटबार का
    जिंदा है हामीन से नाम प्यार काए) – (2)
    के मार के भाई किसि को याद आएगेगे, किसि के aansuo me muskurayenge
    Kahega Phul हर काली से बार बार, जिना इस्सी का नाम है
    किस्की मुस्कुरहाटो पे हो निसार ………

    About the movie – Anari – 1959

    Kisiki Muskurahato Pe Ho Nisar  (By: Mukesh)

    Raj Kumar is an honest, handsome and intelligent young man to boot. He works as a sole Trader therefore a painter by trade, but unable to earn a living, and unable to pay rent to his kind-hearted but talkative landlady, Mrs. D’sa. One day Raj finds a wallet containing money, and he returns it to the owner, Ramnath. Ramnath admires Raj and pleased with his honesty employs him to work in his office as a Receptionist. Raj meets with Ramnath’s maidservant, Asha, and soon both fall in love. This all ends when Raj finds out that Asha is really Aarti, the daughter of his employer. He then alienates himself from his employer and his daughter, and looks after his ailing landlady by cooking and serving her daily meals. Unfortunately, she passes away suddenly. The police conduct a post-mortem, and as a result find out that Mrs. D’sa was poisoned. Raj became the prime suspect and is subsequently taken for questioning, and is arrested and held in a cell. Later on Raj planned a narrow escape which was successful and goes out to find evidence to prove his innocence.