Jumbalika Jumbalika Jumba Jumba Re Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Thakshak movie

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Jumbalika Jumbalika Jumba Jumba Re Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Thakshak

maze ki baat suno dil ka haal suno

Listen to this tale of pleasure; listen to the state of my heart

mile jab un se nazar hua kuch aisa asar

When I meet his eyes, I’m deeply affected

dhak-dhak naache hai dil seene mein pal-pal

My heart begins to dance, pounding, in my chest

unaki nigaahon ne machaai hai halachal

His glances cause an uproar within me

ek do teen chaar hazaar baar

Once, twice, thrice, four times, a thousand times!

ab yahi gaaoon main baar-baar

Now I sing only this, again and again

aankhon se jo usane chhua to ham gaye kaam se

When his eyes touched me, I became useless!

bechainiyaan ham ko miliin vo to hai aaraam se

I became mad with restlessness; he’s quite relaxed

labon pe pyaari si hansi unake thami hai

On his lips rests a lovely smile,

jaan pe hamaari magar kaise bani hai

but what has been made of my life?

ye sharaarat hai pyaar ki o divaani

This is the mischief wrought by love, crazy girl

shuru yoon hi hoti hai prem-kahaani

This is the only way a love story can begin

sitam pe sitam dhaate hain vo

He commits outrage upon outrage

pyaar bhi yoon jataate hain vo

This is also how he makes his love known!

mohabbat mein dekho thirakane lage hain kadam dil ye gaane laga

Look how, in love, my feet have started to dance, and my heart has started to sing

pahale kabhi dekhe nahi sapane vo aane lage

I’ve started to have dreams like none I’ve ever had before;

haalat ye hai ki neend mein ham muskaraane lage

Such is my state that even in my sleep I’ve started to smile

aaina dekhoon to vo bhi aate hain nazar

If I look into a mirror, I see him there too

unheen ki hai fiqar main hoon kud se bekabar

I worry only for him; I’ve no thought of myself

qaid mein hai ab tera dil to kisi ke

Your heart’s in someone else’s control now

soch le tu kyaa-kya hoga aashiqi mein

Think about all the things that might happen in love

soch ke nahi karate hain pyaar

No one ever thinks before falling in love

hone do jo bhi hota hai yaar

Whatever happens, let it happen, friend

hain dil mein umangen hain tan mein tarangen labon pe ye nagama khila

Whatever happens, let it happen, friendthis song has bloomed on my lips

About the movie – Thakshak

A man’s (Ajay Devgan) loyalty to his underworld friend (Rahul Bose) interferes with his relationship with a dancer (Tabu) who hates violence.