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Aayi Aayi Basanti Bela Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

Aayi Aayi Basanti Bela from movie Angulimaal – Born on an inauspicious occasion in the household of Rajpurohit and his wife, the Rajjyotish predicts that this child will grow up to be a brutal killer. The region’s Maharaja is asked to have the child killed but he cannot do so until and unless a crime has been committed. A number of elders, including Archarya, decide to impart positive thoughts and learning in him, as well name him Ahinsak (non-violent). He then departs to live in the Gurukool along with three other children, Maruti, Dhanpal, and Krishna. Ahinsak impresses everyone both in studies and sports. Years later, Archarya may be forced to take back his words when he finds Ahinsak has broken rules to stay away overnight with Rajkumari Mayadevi, without permission. The Archarya misgivings will gather more ground when Ahinsak gets into a fight with Maruti and injures him badly. As if that were not enough, he again breaks the rules and is punished. But the worst is yet to come when Archaya will be told that his wife, Gurumata, may be having an affair with his pupil, as well the discovery of the dead body of Dhanpal – the first of many victims that are fated to be slain by Ahinsak – who will now acquire a new name – Angulimaal – a man who first slays his victims then cuts their fingers off and wears them around his neck.

Tum Besahara Ho Toh Kisi Kaa Sahara Bano Song Lyrics – Manna Dey

Tum Besahara Ho Toh Kisi Kaa Sahara Bano from movie Anurodh – Mr. Choudhary does not approve of his son, Arun, indulging in singing songs and music. He wants him to be a businessman like himself. Out of fear of his father finding out about his continued indulgence, Arun changes his name to Sanjay Kumar. He soon becomes a popular singer, and is even hired by the local radio station to sing songs. With his increasing popularity, the risk of his dad finding out the truth has also increased, and Arun must try and keep his family life and his singing career a secret, but the question is how long will he continue to do this.

Phir Kahee Koyi Phul Khila Song Lyrics – Manna Dey

Phir Kahee Koyi Phul Khila from movie Anubhav – Meeta Sen (Tanuja) and Amar Sen (Sanjeev Kumar) have been married for several years. Due to Amar’s hectic work schedule, the couple have not had children, as there was no time for intimacy. Meeta decides to take matters into her own hands, gets rid of the servants, save for Hari (A.K. Hangal), and decides to run the household on her own. This gets the couple to be closer, and eventually they do get intimate. And then Meeta’s old flame Shashi Bhushan (Dinesh Thakur) not only re-enters Meeta’s life, but also gets employed in the same organization as Amar, throwing their marriage again in jeopardy.

Nain Mile Chain Kaha Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

Nain Mile Chain Kaha from movie Basant Bahar – The only son of the Royal Astrologer, Narsin (Om Prakash) namely Gopal (Bharat Bhushan) is not interested in astrology but in music and songs, much to the dismay of Narsin. Gopal’s talents are well-known and he could become the Emperor’s Chief Musician if he wins in the contest. His rivals live next door, and in order to win the approval of the emperor (Chandrashekhar), they poison Gopal’s drink, and Gopal loses his voice completely. His mom (Leela Chitnis) is sorry at the loss of his voice. A young dancing girl, Gopi (Nimmi) takes interest in Gopal, and through her help and a hard knock on the head, he recovers his voice. But Gopal’s challenges are far from over, and he will be called upon to prove his worth, as well as his association with Gopi.

Mazlum Kisi Ke Kaum Ke Song Lyrics – Manna Dey

Mazlum Kisi Ke Kaum Ke from movie Andolan – Collegian Adarsh and his elder brother, Aniket paves two different path ways leading to the same goals when they excel in studies leading to bright futures only to find their respective lives shifting when things do not go as planned resulting in fair, despair and anxiety.

Chori Chori Mat Dekho Song Lyrics – Manna Dey

Chori Chori Mat Dekho from movie Amar Singh Rathod – Amar Singh Rathore was a great Rajput warrior who chased an insolent imperial messenger into Agra fort and beheaded him in front of Emperor Jahangir himself;he escaped by jumping down with his horse from the fort’s ramparts.This entire scene-the chase,the beheading & the escape-was the main highlight of the film.

Mere Mehboob Mujhako Tu Itana Bata Song Lyrics – Asha Bhosle

Mere Mehboob Mujhako Tu Itana Bata from movie Haseena Maan Jaayegi (1968) – Indian Army Officer, Kamal (Shashi Kapoor), and Archana (Babita) get married but shortly thereafter he is called to the front as war has broken out. Once there, he meets with Rakesh – his look-alike – who plans to kill Kamal and take his place, but Kamal resists and emerges as the winner. To escape prosecution/court martial, he runs from the front and returns home. Army personnel think Rakesh has become a deserter and also think that Kamal is missing in action and believed dead. The army personnel notify Archana, who is thrown in a dilemma, is it Rakesh or Kamal that she has been spending time with?