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Mud Mud Ke Pichhe Dekho Na Aise Song Lyrics – Amit Kumar

Mud Mud Ke Pichhe Dekho Na Aise from movie Anjane Rishte – This is a simple family drama type film. Ram Mohan is an honest government employee and due to out dating of his flat, he is compelled by the flat owner to leave the flat. He family consists of a wife (Indu), a daughter (Preeti) and a son (Kapil). He passes the file of Mr. Ajay without taking the bribe. To this, Ajay offers him that he can live in a flat where his father is living alone. Due to this, his father will get a company and he will get shelter. Ram Mohan accepts his offer. They go to the flat where Kirpa Ram, Ajay’s father who is a retired lawyer is living. Kirpa Ram does not like Ram Mohan’s family in his life but after good behaviour of Indu, Preeti and Ram Mohan, he gradually starts liking them. However, his relationship with Kapil does not improves. Anil is Trivedi’s son who falls in love with Preeti. Then day by day, the relationship between Ram Mohan and Kirpa Ram grows stronger and stronger and both help each other in various difficulties.

Dilrubaao Ke Jalawe Song Lyrics – Amit Kumar

Dilrubaao Ke Jalawe from movie Dulha Mil Gaya – After the passing of his Trinidad-based father, Surajratan Dhanraj, Casanova Tej is asked by the family solicitor, Vakil, to confirm with his father’s last will – namely that he should not only marry Punjab-based Samarpreet Kapoor but must remain married to her for a period of 10 years – or else the entire estate will be transferred to an association that ensures the welfare of turtles and crabs. Tej and Vakil accordingly travel to Punjab, meet Samarpreet and her family, and the couple get married. Tej returns to Trinidad, mails a cheque every month, refuses to communicate with her, and continues with his lifestyle as though he was never married. He is friendly with a supermodel, Shimmer Canhai, and through her meets a young woman, Sammar Capore, and instantly falls in love with her. He accepts a bet with Shimmer that he will successfully woo and wed Sammar but is in for disappointment when she prefers the company of a male named Jigar. Tej sets out to ruin Jigar’s career.

Dushman Na Kare Dost Ne Woh Song Lyrics – Lata Mangeshkar

Dushman Na Kare Dost Ne Woh from movie Aakhir Kyon – Nisha believes she is happily married until she discovers that her successful businessman husband, Kabir, has been having an affair with her cousin, Indu. Distraught, Nisha abandons her husband and newborn daughter and leaves for the city, where she finds love in the arms of a sensitive writer, Alok. But Nisha’s past soon catches up to her and forces her into a soul-searching decision over whether or not to return to her family and old life.

Tum Mile Toh Hum Khile Song Lyrics – Suresh Wadkar

Tum Mile Toh Hum Khile from movie Dhuan (1981) – Rani Gayatri Saxena lives alone in her palatial house with her servants.Sunil Saxena a crook working for Boss enters her house and claims to be Ashok Saxena younger brother of her dead husband.But Gayatri claims that he died three years ago in Manila,Sunil replaces Ashok’s photographs with that of his in order prove the truth Gayatri calls Ashok’s fiance Sheela to identify him.Sheela is kidnapped on the way by boss and his men and her father in held captive so that she doesn’t disclose identity of Ashok.Sunil also manages to match racing skills of Ashok leaving Gayatri helpless.

Miss India Maratee Mujhpe Song Lyrics – Amit Kumar

Miss India Maratee Mujhpe from movie Daddy Cool – Wealthy Goa-based Income Tax Officer Douglas Lazarus passes away after exercising on his treadmill at a speed of 10.5. A funeral is arranged, relatives are notified, and his eldest hen-pecked son, Steven, prepares a farewell speech while most attendees would have preferred the second son, Brian, a successful Mumbai-based writer, to do so. At the funeral, things hilariously spiral out of control when Michael, the fiancé of Douglas’ gorgeous niece, Maria, notices movement within the coffin.

Diwane Ye Ladke Song Lyrics – Amit Kumar

Diwane Ye Ladke from movie Aasoo Bane Angaarey – After the death of his wife, wealthy Mr. Verma re-marries Durgadevi, so that she can look after his son, Ravi. Subsequently, Durga also gets pregnant and gives birth a Kiran. After a few years, Mr. Verma passes away, Durga decides to enter into politics with the Janata Sangruti Party and soon becomes the party president with the help of Sewakram. Years later both Ravi and Kiran have grown up. Ravi, who is the Managing Director of his firm, wants to marry a typist by the name of Usha, but this does not auger well with Durga, who wants him to marry someone who is equally wealthy. Then Ravi gets a surprise when Durga changes her mind and agrees to Ravi and Usha’s marriage, which is performed with great pomp and ceremony. After the marriage, Durga stands for election and wins, and is elected the state’s Chief Minister. Kiran tells his mother that he has had an affair with Usha before she married Ravi. A shocked Durga decides that Usha is not who she claims to be, and asks Ravi to travel abroad so she can deal with this situation. When Ravi comes to bid a pregnant Usha good-bye, he does not know that this may the last time he may see her alive, and Usha does not know what fate awaits her at the hands of Durgadevi, Kiran, and Sewakram.

Kaisa Lagta Hai Achchha Lagta Hai (Sad) Song Lyrics – Amit Kumar

Kaisa Lagta Hai Achchha Lagta Hai (Sad) from movie Baaghi – A Rebel For Love – Saajan is a college youth, enjoying his life, meets with Kajal the girl of his dreams at a brothel. Kajal is an innocent victim of Dhanraj, who runs this brothel. Saajan eventually falls in love with Kajal, but this love affair is not acceptable to the society, which includes his parents Mr. and Mrs. Sood. Saajan’s dad Col. Sood wants his son to join the Indian army. On the other side, this relationship of love is also not acceptable to Dhanraj, since he doesn’t want any of his brothel girls to go into normal respectable society. Trapped between both, Saajan, along with his friends, rescues his love from the brothel. But the question remains: Will Saajan’s parents accept him along with Kajal or Will Dhanraj’s evilness overcome the couple’s love?

Na Bole Tum Naa Maine Kuchh Kaha Song Lyrics – Asha Bhosle

Na Bole Tum Naa Maine Kuchh Kaha from movie Baaton Baaton Mein – Tony and Nancy daily board 9:10 Bandra to Churchgate local.Nancy is accompanied by her uncle Tom who develops friendship with Tony and introduces both of them.Nancy’s mother Rosie wants her to get married to a wealthy man.Nancy and Tony start knowing each-other and Tom asks her to introduce him to her mother.Rosie finds Tony only earns 300 a month to that of Nancy’,s 700.But she feels happy that after probation Tony will earn 1000 a month.Things are well until misunderstanding takes place between the two.