Your Own Song Lyrics – SALES

SALES - Your Own (Official Music Video)

Your Own Song Lyrics

Walk out on your own
And I know out there
There are no mistakes
That can take you down
You walk to hell on purpose

And I see you walk through walls
Like a god, taking names
And waving them around
On a flag that you made
From the dust and a cloud

How could they take it the wrong way
When you say it so proud?
You’re a long way from home
And the feeling’s so loud
That you’re:

Careful what you get
And what
You’re given

Far from home
Make it on your own
And stick it
Nowhere to go
But up
Up to wherever you wanna go

Telling a lie to me
Taking a part of me
So you can grow

You walk out on a road
On a road that’s unknown
And I know that
Whatever goes on out there’s on purpose

Walking to hell and I know
I know you did it on purpose
Walking through walls made of fire
You’re making everyone nervous

Taking pieces of their hearts
So you can grow and learn from it
Turning back to look at the path
It was worth it

And from where you stand
It is not what you planned
But it is perfect
Oh, it is perfect
Nothing is perfect
But this is perfect