You Slipped Away Lyrics - Andy Shauf


You stayed a while
And pulled my world apart
There was love in my heart
And I wanted it to stay
But as the night, surely turns to day
You slipped away

It was my guess
That I would make a mess
There was love in my heart
Though you needed a rest
Just like the sun, hiding from the shade
You slipped away

I used to think
That I could stand up straight
If there was love in my heart
But now I just can't relate
So like a dream, fading through the day
You slipped away

So here I sit
Smoking my last cigarette
With this love in my heart
That I just can't regret
So I think, I might have a drink
And slip away

About The Artist

Andy Shauf


Andy Shauf is a Canadian singer-songwriter from Regina, Saskatchewan. He plays several instruments, including clarinet. Wikipedia