Woh Afsana Nahi Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Ek Naya Rishta movie

Jise Samjhe The Hum Afsana Kal Tak Full Song | Ek Naya Rishta | Rajkiran, Rekha

Woh Afsana Nahi Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Ek Naya Rishta

jisse samjhe hum afsana kal tak

whom i thot to be a story till now

woh afsana haqeekat tu nahi

isnt that story true

joh humse door bhi hai pass bhi hai

the one is near and far to me

kahin unse mohabaat tu nahi

m i not in love wid the one

jinhe chor aye zindagi mei

whom i left back in life

jinhe hum chor aye zindagi mei

wohi samil hai har gaam mei khushi mei

is all over my in my sad and happy moments

jo apna haal hai diwangi mei

what m goin thru

udar aysi halaaat to nahi

isnt the same thing goin on da odar side

kahin unse mohabat tu nahi hai

har ek manzar se ek chehra bana

every situation has made a face

yuhi kagaz kuch likna mitana

writing and scrubbing the paper

kisse ko yaad kar kar ke bhoolna

forgetting some1 by remembering him/her

akele pan ki adaat to nahi

loneliness is not wat m used to

kahin unse mohabat tu nahi hai

fazaye suni suni se hai ayse

my surroundings are all lone

kahin kuch ho kho gaya ho apna jaise

just like somthing of my own has been lost

hum apne ap ko bahlaye kaise

how can i forget myself

yeh bechaine rahat tu nahi

i cant term this restlessness as peace

kahin unse mohabat tu nahi hai

yeh duniya yu tu kahno ko wahi hai

2 say … this world is the same

magar lagta hai ab kuch ajnabi hai

but it feels somthing seems to be stanger abt this world

najane koun se is mei kami hai

dont really know wats missing

humme unki zaroot tu nahi hai

m i not in need of his/her company

kahin unse mohabat tu nahi hai

About the movie – Ek Naya Rishta

Womazing and alcoholic Rajiv Tandon lives a wealthy lifestyle with his widowed industrialist dad, Shankardayal in a palatial house. When his dad unexpectedly passes away, he wills that all his wealth and money will only be inherited by Rajiv after he gets birth to a son within 18…