Sarakti Jaye Hai Rukh Se Naqab Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Tumko Dekha To movie

Sarakti Jaaye Hai - Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar - Jeetendra

Sarakti Jaye Hai Rukh Se Naqab Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Tumko Dekha To

sarakatii jaaye hai ruKh se naqaab ahista ahista

Sliding away from the face is the cover, very slowly

nikalataa aa rahaa hai aaftaab ahista ahista

Coming into vision is the moon, very slowly

jawaaN hone lage jab vo to ham se kar liyaa pardaa

When she entered youthfullness, then she hid behind veil

hayaa yakalaKht aayii aur shabaab ahista ahista

Suddenly appeared modesty/shame and youthfullness, very slowly

shabefurkat kaa jaagaa huuN farishton ab to sone do

Since the night of separation I am awake, angels[of death] let me sleep now

kabhii fursat men kar lenaa hisaab ahista ahista

Take account of everything later, when you have time, but slowly

savaalevasl par unako uduu kaa Khauf hai itanaa

She has so much passion for questions and answer session but she’s afraid so much from the villain

Dabe honThon se dete hain javaab aahistaa aahistaa

She replies with clenched lips, very slowly

hamaare aur tumhaare pyar men bas fark hai itanaa

There is just this much difference in my and your love

idhar to jaldii jaldii hai udhar aahistaa aahistaa

This side is a rush but from your side is slow

vo bedardii se sar kaaTe “ameer” aur main kahuuN un se

How unkindly the prince executes me… yet I say to him

huzuur aahistaa aahistaa, janaab ahista ahista

Your highness! slowly, Your Honor! do it slowly

Translated by: Princess

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