Sa Re Ga Re Milke Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Naya Sawan movie

Sare Gare Milke Gare Lyrics By - Naya Sawan (1992) Full HD Song

Sa Re Ga Re Milke Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Naya Sawan

Movie : Naya Sawan

Song : Sa Re Ga Re Milke

sa re ga re milke gaare

sa re ga re sing all together

badle yeh duniya

this world changes

badle yeh nazare

all seens n sights change

badle kabhi nahi

never will it change

rishtey humare

our relations

sa re ga re milke gaare ……..

sa re ga re sing all together

sooche bura sooche koi

someone has bad thoughts

bole bura tu bole koi

they say bad things

soche bura to soche koi

someone who thinks bad

bole bura tu bole koi

will say bad things

chodrenge hum yeh duniya kabhi

i will leave this world someday

toodenge nah kabhi apni yeh dosti

will never break our friendship

dushman bhala se ho log sabhi

dont care if whole world become enemy

badle kabhi na rishtey na hamare ……

never will it change relationship of ours

sa re ga re …………………..

sagaar se hai yeh naidiya bandhi

ocean is bigger than the river

ambar hai yeh dharti bandhi

the earth is bigger than the skys

suraj kiran se khusboo pawan se

lights from the sun …scents from the flowers

ek dosre se hai bandhe hai sabhi

everyone is tied to one another

in ko judaa koi na kar saka nah

no one can separate them

badle kabhi nah rishtey………..

never will this change our friendship

About the movie – Naya Sawan

Kavita (Ashwini Bhave) is a lead singer of a boy band consisting of four member Javed Jaffrey,Laxmikanth Berde,Asif Sheikh and Sahil Chaddha. She has a a very close friendship with the boys.But after her marriage her husband suspects her of having an affair with them.