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Pathhar Ke Sanam Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Pathhar Ke Sanam

patthar ke sanam, tujhe hamane, muhabbat ka khuda jaana

Oh lover made of stone (i.e. heartless lover), I thought of you as God

badi bhul hui, are hamne ye kya samajhaa, ye kya jaanaa

It was such a mistake, alas, what did I understand, what did I know.

chehara tera dil mein liye, chalate chale angaaron pe

Keeping your face in my heart, I kept walking on burning coals

tu ho kahin, sajade kiye hamane tere rukasaaron pe

No matter where you were, I prayed/bowed on your face

ham sa na ho, koi divaanaa

There can be no one, as crazy as me

patthar ke…

oh lover made of stone..

socha tha yeh badh jaayengi tanhaaiyaan jab raaton ki

I thought that when the loneliness of the nights would increase

rasta hamein dikhlaayengi shamm-e-wafa in ankhon ki

the light of faith/fidelity in your eyes will show me the way

thokar lagi tab pehchaana

After being hit, I realised

patthar ke…

oh lover made of stone..

ai kaash ke hoti khabar tune kise thukaraaya hai

If only you knew who you have rejected

shisha nahi, saagar nahin, mandir sa ik dil dhaaya hai

Not glass, not ocean, my heart is like a temple

saara aasamaan, hai viraanaa, patthar ke …

The whole sky is barren/lonely, oh lover made of stone.

About the movie – Pathhar Ke Sanam

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