O Raat Ke Musafir Hindi Song Lyrics English Translation and Meaning – Miss Marry movie

O Raat Ke Musafir (HD) - Miss Mary (1957) -  Meena Kumari - Gemini Ganesan - 50s Classic Songs

O Raat Ke Musafir Song Lyrics and Translation

From the movie – Miss Marry

o raat ke musaafir, chandaa jaraa bataa de

o night’s traveller, pls tel dear moon

meraa kasoor kyaa hain, too faisalaa sunaa de

wht’s my mistake, lemme know ur judgement

hain bhool koee dil kee, aankhon kee yaa khataa hain

if there’s any mistakes committed by my heart, or eyes or any sin

kuchh bhee naheen to muz se, fir kyo koee khafaa hain

if none of them, then why is anyone upset with me

manjoor hain wo muz ko, jo kuchh bhee too sajaa de

i’m ready to face whatever u punish me

dil pe kisee ko apane kaaboo naheen rahaa hain

noone owns the rights of my heart

ye raaj mere dil se, aankhon ne hee kahaa hai

this li’l secret is been told by my eyes frm the heart

aankhon ne jo hain dekhaa, dil kis tarah bhoolaa de

whatever the eyes hve seen how does the heart forget it

o chaand aasamaan ke, damabhar jameen pe aa jaa

dear moon on the sky, come at once to this earth

bhoolaa huaa hain raahee, too raasataa dikhaa jaa

this man’s forgotten the way, show him the road

bhatakee huyee hain naiyyaa, saahil ise dikhaa de

the boat’s lost its way, dear wave show it the rite path

About the movie – Miss Marry

R.K. Raju, a private investigator is assigned the task of locating the missing daughter of a wealthy Hindu couple. His investigation take him to different locales, and he comes across Miss Mary, the girl closely resembling the one he is looking for. He asks her to accompany him, …